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Brexit Pattern,
[2019-01-15   09:13 GMT]

“The day after we vote to leave, we hold all the cards and we can choose the path we want.” – Michael Gove, April 2016.

After a long vacation, we are coming back on time to watch the Brexit Bulletin where PM Theresa May accord goes to parliament late today for a vote. Will she win or be defeated that is an important measure for making the accord savoury to get it across the line.

The 100 votes is the magic number set by pound traders while 60 is for the European Union diplomats. There is hope if the number of votes is maintained below 100 and reduces the chance to call a no-confidence vote by Corbyn. GBP Positive.

If the number of votes exceeds the 100, all options are on the table including the call to form new government (above 200). GBP Negative.

Rally could hit 1.3000, 1.3350, 1.3500, even 1.3900 while the plummet shall hit 1.2500, 1.2200, 1.2000, 1.1500

Final Count Down
[2018-12-18   10:11 GMT]

WTI Crude Oil is not far from 2019-target at $25; What time?

EURUSD is far still from 2019-target at PAR and below, and

Gold is still far my 2019-target at 1000 and below!

May 2019-Pip Be With You!


Not Innuendo Rectangle,
[2018-12-18   10:10 GMT]

EURJPY has graphed an amazing rectangle for more than a month, pointing to a width of 170 pips. It ‘s target would be achieved very quickly one a serious break beyond border is triggered. Will FOMC do the job?

Rise Or Not To Rise, That Is The Final Question For 2018
[2018-12-18   08:03 GMT]

FED increased rates three times this year. Decision on raising again is coming tomorrow and chairman Powell holds press conference afterwards. Probability of increasing the benchmark by 25 basis is 78%, leveling to 2.5%

 The President of the United States Won’t like that increase at all!

Rectangle Pattern Supported by 75%
[2018-12-10   09:15 GMT]

EURJPY rally for almost 10 days since 26 October has ended with a retracement at 75%, graphing a rectangle pattern between 23% and 75% Fib line being developed within almost one month. This rectangle is bordered by 129.30 and 127.40.

A close beyond border is needed to go further.

USDCAD Double Rising Wedge,
[2018-11-16   07:28 GMT]

There is a nice daily bearish wedge that started with the green TLs only to develop false-break on either borders and reform a newly wider bearish wedge as marked by the drawings of red TLs. It is too early to call for a major slump as the panic descent of crude oil hasn’t sealed bottom yet.

The current price stands at 1.3160 and a drop towards to 1.3100 will be excelled by our buy signal targeting one figure. Only a close below the yellow daily descending TL negates the upping move of one figure.

US Avoids Shocking Oil Jump
[2018-11-06   04:35 GMT]

U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday said he wants to impose sanctions on Iran’s oil gradually, citing concerns about shocking energy markets and causing global price spikes.

“This has nothing to do with Iran... I could get the Iran oil down to zero immediately but it would cause a shock to the market. I don’t want to lift oil prices,”  and “If you notice, oil prices are going down very substantially, despite the fact that already half of their capacity is gone,” adding “it will be a gradual” imposition of oil sanctions,” he told reporters at US Joint Base Andrews in Maryland.

The United States on Monday restored sanctions targeting Iran’s oil, banking and transport sectors and threatened more action, part of a wider effort to curb Tehran’s missile and nuclear programs and diminish the Islamic Republic’s influence in the Middle East, notably its support for proxies in Syria, Yemen and Lebanon. Trump’s moves target Iran’s main source of revenue, its oil exports, as well as its financial sector.

One thing is certain: Europe is angry at the U.S. for unilaterally scuttling the Iran deal and possibly crushing the Iranian economy, which could further destabilize the region and lead to an even greater refugee flow toward Europe. Whatever the outcome, Iran will never submit to Washington’s twelve conditions and is preparing itself for a long siege as Trump is winning a second term.

Technically, Sanction Is Bringing Oil Price to Hell - Not Excluding $20 Within Months, Crude Oil WTI is becoming interesting for a crash

Obstacle I. Double Top ahead of imposing sanction

Obstacle II. Retreat ahead of 61% Fib

Obstacle III. Weekly bearish rising wedge formation

Good Luck!

The Engineer & The System

Who Is The Engineer?

Anthony Samaha, the founder of Octopus System that generates a highly challengeable profitable ratio, is a skilled off-the-floor commodities trader bringing more than 15 years experience in the markets to supply a trader's insight and observations on the day's price deed.

What is the System?

A non-auto-pilot complicated algorithmic system called "Octopus" is engineered by Anthony Samaha. The Octopus formula does not recognize the fundamental data neither the technical indicators. It trades according to a very secretive system that is derived from geometrical, algebraic, bonds, dividends, and timing analyses combined.

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