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EURUSD Rally Exhausted
[2017-07-27   06:55 GMT]

Bloomberg euro technical chart indicates signs of peaking, and even raising the risk of a correction versus the dollar after climbed to a 30-month high Wednesday. That may seem hard to fathom after traders said the Federal Reserve policy meeting left them with a dovish outlook, but some popular market gauges suggest taking a closer look.

Elliott Wave and Fibonacci analysis suggest that the euro may be nearing a top. The Elliott Wave study is close to completing the fifth wave of a price appreciation sequence that began Jan. 3. In theory, the euro should subsequently enter the first phase of a three-wave drop.

A five-year snapshot of the euro shows Fibonacci resistance at $1.1736, the 38.2 percent retracement from this year’s low to the May 2014 high of $1.3993. Looking further back, $1.1685 is the 23.6 % retracement level off the all-time high of $1.6038.

Scaling GBPJPY Journey
[2017-07-27   06:20 GMT]

There is a nice ascending triangle on the 4hr chart of GBPJPY since Oct 2016. Clear close, better be weekly one, and the cross should overshoot towards the stars, but please take profit once near the moon. It is a very long journey that should correct or retrace in full the avalanche of last year, almost a year ago, date: Brexit referendum, June 23, 2016

Going short term, a close above yesterday high should force the resistance at 147.77 to be collapsed, targeting 148.80. Close below 144 negates the short cycle vision.

Copper On Tear,
[2017-07-26   09:06 GMT]

This particular base metal, or what we call in our trading chamber the CU, is printing a strong high suggesting a high demand and therefore a robust global economy ahead.

Analyzing the chart, we do perceive that the close above four in 2010/2011 is bullish. Doctor copper retraced to 75% Fib line, almost at two, and now, the climb is going to take the speed to regain 4 and above.

GBPUSD Fragile North,
[2017-07-25   07:11 GMT]

Sterling market rallied up to the 61% Fib line of the plummet that started at 1.3125. This rally looks like a bearish flag in the short time frame. Worth the watch for southing further!

4Hr Bitcoin,
[2017-07-25   06:54 GMT]

Cryptocurrency had muscled its rally last week ending in what it looks like a wedge.

As long as the dip stays above 2550, and a close above 2780 is locked, only then we can boost the rally towards 3000 and above a bit.

Bitcoin & Ethereum
[2017-07-25   06:31 GMT]

The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission announced Monday it unanimously approved digital currency-trading platform LedgerX for clearing derivatives.

LedgerX initially plans to clear bitcoin options, the release said.

"A U.S. federally-regulated venue for derivative contracts settling in digital currencies opens the market to a much larger customer base," Paul L. Chou, LedgerX CEO, said in a separate release from the trading firm.

"We are seeing strong demand from institutions that previously could not participate in the bitcoin market due to compliance restrictions against unregulated venues," Chou said, noting a desire for assets that aren't correlated with the broader stock market.

The firm plans to launch bitcoin options in early fall, and ethereum options "within a few months," Chou told CNBC in a phone interview. That will mark the first federally supervised options venue for bitcoin.

[2017-07-25   06:24 GMT]

Daily chart points to an ascending triangle, supported by MA50 and MA100, upsloping trendline, and the trading above 23% of the Fib since a year ago.

Those numerous supports, even the cross is in an overbought condition (not shown) will trigger an upside trend.

A break out is needed to confirm a rally reaching 61% Fib or a plummet towards an uncharted area. Till then, stay aside!

Silver Lining: Silver,
[2017-07-25   06:14 GMT]

Weekly chart points to a descending triangle.

July Crash was supported at 13.97 to retest the resistance of the downsloping trendline and the simple moving average of 200.

A break out is needed to confirm a rally or a plummet. Till then, stay aside!

[2017-07-24   13:11 GMT]

Will Gold reach beyond $1300 in less than 10 days?

ForexSurvivor Yearly Live Statement
[2017-05-28   08:25 GMT]

ForexSurvivor Yearly Live Statement crossed very simply and adequately the mega events, such as Brexit referendum and US and France elections, without losses.

ForexSurvivor Yearly Live Statement (starting February 2016 ending April 2017) yielded 4.5times using more than One Thousand trades, applying all currencies with spread less than 12 pips, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Crude Oil, Brent, Bitcoin, Copper,  Indexes such as Dow Jones, NASDAQ, S&P500, CAC40, etc...

ForexSurvivor Newsletter

Newsletter Headlines

( Payment Order Form ) is applied for 4 editions at the cost of $2000.00.

02 Dec 2016

This is the last edition for year 2016. Next edition to be published on the 20th of January 2017. As each year, this edition presents in elaborated perspective the major trend of the dollar and its peers (7 currencies)

25 Nov 2016

The Strong Dollar is Strong and the Correction is Shallowed for the rest of the year.

18 Nov 2016

Happiness of the Bear! Where are we? Bottom-less or Abyss? Blame Trump, Coming Referendum in Italy, or France Election? We don't Know; What we definitely Know, every Rally in EURUSD is Sellable to Go Par; Below Par by 20% maybe!

11 Nov 2016

Last Risk event is coming: Trump, as Republican Presidential Nominee, accused Yellen of Politicization by keeping interest rate low, warned about the bubble of the US economy. US Rate to increase more quickly - ForexSurvivor anticipates higher interest rate where December is a start.

04 Nov 2016

No Newsletter will be released as US election & Increased volatility to damage all sorts of technical and fundamental bellwethers.

28 Oct 2016

BOC let the interest rate unchanged, but the comments created significant volatility that is letting USDCAD rally faltered twice so far. Buying the dollars for 1.40 by year end is the fiasco. Check newsletter to trade USDCAD with risk-less criteria.

21 Oct 2016

OPEC is working on capping production with a lot of buts around. Keep the lid on the sell button near the $50. GBPUSD traders should all going to a south spot for a long period of time, actually, longer than anyone expects using EURGBP par as barometer for exit.

14 Oct 2016

Weakness in Yen is on board. Keep trolling! Will the euro drop to below par using the twisting excuse of algos as with sterling slide?

07 Oct 2016

Euro Bears are controlling the platform unless 1.1500 triggers a daily close above for this year, an unlikely scenario. It doesn't matter how high Crude Oil goes up, the slump would be difficult to be controlled once the negative wave starts.

30 Sep 2016

The Dollar ahead of Yellen timetable would stay in a narrow range aligned with shallow pressures. The dollar should always be looked at towards the sky no matter what you hear about FED Interest Rate. Hearing very Bad News about NZD, keep its basket for the bear.

23 Sep 2016

GOLD once it was good for the bulls and the aim was pre-sky level by inches, but, let's repeat, there is a BUT: VACATION has Ended, G20 about to end, Yellen away: Target Abyss and Go against your friend's trend - 1200 is excellent!

16 Sep 2016

Euro doesn't know what to do - its range is afforded by Deutsche Bank. The rectangle developed for the last eight weeks should explode by NFP day. Sell the opening of the week and assign target yourself!

23 Sep 2016

GOLD once it was good for the bulls and the aim was pre-sky level by inches, but, let's repeat, there is a BUT: VACATION has Ended, G20 about to end, Yellen away: Target Abyss and Go against your friend's trend - 1200 is excellent!

07 Sep 2016

The Impingement of the Sterling

09 Sep 2016

Vacation Ends! Back to Desks! This edition will be concentrated on Oil, Gold, and Silver in identifying reversing turnaround, ranging, and pinpointing the prolonged rally for the rest of the year. This quarter is not risk free as US election ( Donald Trump to win and Interest Rate to soar - as expected by myself) will interval in the fundamental and the technical pictures. You should trade with extreme caution as avalanches aren't ruled out in any surprise call during election.

August 2016

29 July 2016

The previous edition was saved by one pip; keep the bull running in the farm of EURUSD as unwinding for correction and Congress vacation are in the offing. The Bull is Bullish with no skeptical backstep!

22 July 2016

The very oversold indicators show that the pulse of the EURUSD is entering a bullish wave; a close below 1.0960 negates.

15 July 2016

Why is a currency, whose central bank decided to leave interest rates unchanged, weakening? One word: oil. We are all aware of the tight relationship between Canada and crude oil and we will not delve into them in this research. But while the financial world has been fixated with Brexit, the price of crude oil has been grinding lower; the decline actually began on June 9. Interestingly, the USD/CAD bottomed just one day earlier. The cycles give us a very clear vision of where oil, and the Canadian dollar, are headed over the next five months. Buying dollars is the way to go!

08 July 2016

Put a stop if a close below 1.2800 is triggered on GBPUSD; Let Long take the action of the corrective mode 300/400 pips.

01 July 2016

As per 20 May 2016, you are a grand winner as you kept GBPUSD sell trigger on while we were a median one as the GBPUSD 1.5 remained untouched. Market to consolidate the outrageous waves.

24 June 2016

Watch the BREXIT and pay attention to the last GBPUSD edition (May 20, 2016)

17 June 2016

USD/JPY has eroded major support - namely the 105.55 recent low and 105.40 2014 peak. This break lower implies scope to the 102.08 55 month ma and has introduced potential for 100.70, the 50% retracement of the move 2011 to 2015. Caution is warranted we note the 13 count on the daily chart.

10 June 2016

The market is bullish and lifting rallies to challenge the 114645 resistance level. A close over 114645 is bullish for a larger climb to 11520+. Be on guard for a setback from 114645 on the first test or just quiet dips that will lead into a few flagging congestion days. Only a close back under 11259* hurts the upturn for a sustained pullback; Target 11465

03 June 2016

USDCHF We suspect that the market will struggle to overcome its initial resistance at PAR. This is the 61.8% retracement of the move down from November 2015.

27 May 2016

AUD/USD has eroded the 200 day ma at .7260, this is negative price action. On the other side, the momentum indicators are a little oversold and the daily RSI has not confirmed the recent low. Will it achieve 0.7600, a tough resistance?

20 May 2016

EURUSD Very near term to look for rallies to remain capped by 1.1360 on a closing basis as market stays under pressure. GBPUSD don't dare removing the sell trigger because 1.50 is a dream to be seen on a closing basis.

13 May 2016

We are preparing our platforms for a financial upset where 6,000 pips would be expect to be locked between June & August 2016 - Good Luck content-Readers!

06 May 2016

GBPUSD sharp sell-off may find a base sooner than expected. Allow 2-3 consolidations before going onto the bull farm - any hiccup is an additional buy. ForexSurvivor recommends CLOSING ALL GBP SIGNALS, BE IT MAJOR OR CROSSES, TODAY BEFORE TOMORROW, SO TO EVADE BREXIT POLL OUTCOME- YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

29 Apr 2016

NZDJPY Should apply the saga "Sell in May & Leave" unless China hiccups. For this to be applied, Chinese Data is very important. If it proves wrong, expect a sharp reversal. Another counter welcoming Barometer: USJPY hints for an uptrend that may not satisfy NZDJPY saga.

22 Apr 2016

AUDUSD sellers as per edition (01 Apr) are receiving interesting pips without being greedy. EURUSD immerses itself in an enigma cycle where buyers are countervailing forces raised by sellers- we need a shocking wave to sort out the conflicting congested signals as what will go up will U-turn in a sudden move.

15 Apr 2016

The "unprecedented many" secret meetings between the President of the US and the Chair of the Federal Reserve Janet Yellen in just one month is pretty worrying, hinting for a capitulation process in the energy sector. Economy is under severe pressure as oil companies going bankrupt at an accelerating scale. What is going on? This edition concentrates at Crude Oil & Brent only to project the outcome of those unusual meetings.

08 Apr 2016

It is convenient to have several currencies that have a fairly tight correlation to look at when analyzing the trend, cyclicality, and valuation metrics. Where the euro goes the swiss will follow. The dominant pair is clearly the EUR/USD and in this edition we analyze each bump and wiggle needed to accelerate the euro towards 1.2000.

01 Apr 2016

The timing of the Australian cyclical decline gives the Aussie a bit of an advantage as two of the clearly identifiable highs in 2014 called for a major low in early September. Technically, We would sell AUD/USD at any place during the day.

25 Mar 2016

We never expected to move that fast. Revising USDJPY of 04 Dec 2015, the loss in the buy post was recuperated by the sell - which is formidable, splendid, and very courageous. The scenario was indeed unlikely!

18 Mar 2016

The world is always changing and sometimes those changes are dramatic. Keep the aim towards the south as long as no close above PAR is triggered. USDCHF won't track 1.04 in March as pundits wish. Exit at the end of the month.

11 Mar 2016

The pound is in trouble, in trouble, in real trouble with or without Brexit issue as Q4 current account deficit represents almost 7% of GDP. Every rally is sellable targeting 1.3500

04 Feb 2016

Gold, as per 20 Nov 2015, signal has performed quite well. The 1,000 isn't going to go away, it is just has gotten a memo: delay the target until further notice, probably by year end. Will FED blink and start Q4? That is the question that fears every investor. The steeper decline in EURUSD below PAR is also delayed till advised otherwise, at least till 27 NOV 2015 first target is triggered.

26 Feb 2016

Crude Oil political stance is at war between KSA & Iran, while America is watching as it may soon to become the largest exporter on earth throwing out from top list KSA as largest exporter. The bloody oil confronts all pundits expectation and those who lived our trades know exactly what am I talking about. BUY Crude Oil & stay below $50 even $45. Good Luck!

12 Feb 2016

The dilemma at 4 he chart in NZDUSD confronts the following call: sellers may gain some pips while buyers may face a consolidation before exploding higher. Going with the seller at 0.6650 targeting 0.6500 or going with buyer 0.6650 targeting 0.7000. Exit the trade if the south view triggers a close above 0.6750 or the north view punches a close below 0.6500. Hard call either way!

05 Feb 2016

You adore surely the call of USDCAD of 13 Nov, don't you? The reverse is on the show and I think the sellers will keep stepping in to increase the sales towards 1.30. Close above 1.50 negates whilst you may add at 1.4650

29 Jan 2016

The BRexit should formulate a consolidation process till voting is off agenda. Dear every trader on earth: just 2 months before BRexit poll, do stop trading GBP and its crosses. There may nothing happens, but there may something nasty happens. Bank of England would be watching FED more than ECB, we would be looking to target 1.3500 as long as no close above 1.49 is triggered. Add @1.4777.

15 Jan 2016

Don't dare believing in the bull post! Say what? Let's start the year with buying EURGBP targeting 0.8000. Take it or Leave it!

18 Dec 2015

this is the last newsletter before the holidays (no edition would be release on Dec 25, Jan 01, & Jan 08). The content of this newsletter covers the trends of majors, gold, crude oil, and Dow Jones, S&P, Nasdaq for 2016. Two signals will be launched for 1000 pips. This particular only edition has a special cost of $5,000. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year .

11 Dec 2015

FED will raise rates for the first time in 9 years - don't worry: market has already priced the raise. The FED won't have hard time to raise, as pundits expect, even though ECB & BOJ might add to QE. Because of the high expectation of raise rate, AUDUSD has sealed a top. Start selling but don't aim abyss - just 2 or 3 figures.

04 Dec 2015

Strong equity markets highly correlated with USDJPY - would that be the case in December? Let's don't care! Buy current price and exit if a close below 120 is triggered. Sell a close below 1.20 targeting at least 10 figures. Only a close above 125 negates the bear move, an unlikely scenario.

27 Nov 2015

EURUSD will start to act like USDJPY during Greenspan era. We hypothesize behind such prediction the increasing current account surplus in Europe compounded by QE which pushes money offshore that wouldn't normally go offshore (anything is better than having cash in euro). Euro should drop to below 1.06 a bit before start recovering a long term wave to 1.15 and probably to 1.20. Go for it as long as no close below 1.02 is triggered.

20 Nov 2015

Gold is approaching a base that should explode higher at the start of the year to correct the messes and fill up the gaps towards 1350. Christmas time buying won't hurt emotions.

13 Nov 2015

Monetary policy divergence drives currency trends to target GBPUSD @ 1.5. Despite all negativity, we would impose a signal buying USDCAD targeting 1.45 but won't touch 1.50 in the first half of the year

06 Nov 2015

One Word: Bear EURUSD & GBPUSD and go home - don't come back; Follow our edition of 16 October aiming to collect 1800 pips. Any hiccup in Dow Jones should be considered a great help targeting a quarterly higher high (See details of entries). EURGBP rally should be halted below 0.7235 on a daily close basis. We are great sellers if 0.7210 is seen today targeting abyss.

30 Oct 2015

Strong dollar hurts FED while strong dollar is the bullish wave for the next 10 years. Deal with it. The monthly close below daily MA100 is giving a support to EURUSD bears targeting PAR. Keep the good news coming and follow the edition of Oct 16. We love AUDNZD: The negative monthly close request a big correction as oversold zones are alarming. Buy the opening of the month and target 61% of October wave - the tendency to even go higher is not overruled. Exit if a daily close is triggered below the opening of the month by 215 pips (unlikely to happen)

23 Oct 2015

Gold is testing MA100 @ 1135 with a harsh volatile environment. Clear suggestion: Stay away from Gold till that test is clear. It might break it and then retest the low made already near 1100. If that scenario is screened, buy 1100 and exit if a close below 1100 is triggered. Target 01: 1170; Target 02: 1220 (we have doubts it can travel that high to target II). Equities will be squeezed again so don't keep your bears in the farm - EXIT, EXIT, EXIT PLEASE!

16 Oct 2015

Dollar Japanese Yen to stay correcting August 10 figures collapse and to stay below MA100 @ 12185. Close above 12185 cements a bottom. Europe more stimulus program convinces EURUSD to stay below 1.1500 on a daily close. Shall the currency test last month's high and print a weekly close above it, an extremely unlikely scenario, our PAR target would be unfortunately negated.

09 Oct 2015

EURUSD isn't Far From 1.1460, thus a Target as Dow Aim is no less than 17100. We will Pay Grand Attention to GBPUSD 154/155 Before We Ignite Powerfully a Strong Sell Targeting Below 1.500. NZDUSD Rally is Sellable as of First Data of NZD Next Week. Crude Oil Rally WTI Should Face a Plummet at 53.45. Gold's Rally May continue towards 1200 but Surely 1170 Will be Printed as the Exit Scenario Implies Close Below 1133. Equities Will Rally on Monday to Tuesday before they Encounter MA100. EURJPY Flirts with the Resistance of the Previous Month, However, if Today's Close Succeed above 136.10, that Resistance will be broken

02 Oct 2015

Sterling Rally Will be Short lived targeting 50-60% Fib Line of Latest Plummet, then Let's Look for A Lower Low. We are about to hit a Strong Ceiling in USDJPY: Correlating S&P and USDJPY, the Leading Indicators Show an Uncertainty to Weaknesses. AUDNZD PAR through the Why & When Queries. CADJPY Rally Should be able to test 94.20 as Copper Strength falls in the form of Light Correction and Only.

25 Sep 2015

Weaknesses of European Bank as Equities Hit the Cycle of Long Term Bearish Trend. USDCAD 1.2900 is Significant for a Serious Rally Beyond 1.3500 by mid November Targeting no less than 1.40 & That Won't Be Easy Access. USDJPY Will Visit 1.1600 in October and a lower low in November Targeting 1.1000. Silver Rally is Incompetent and $10 Class won't Be Dismissed this Year.

18 Sep 2015

FED Dovish, But Not Dovish Enough. Forget About Interest Rate - It Remains Zero Even in 2016 & Even if We Charted Otherwise. EURUSD Upping towards 1.1560/1.1600 (Keep it Stretched to Squeeze those of PAR) - Dip Today Above 1.1320 Not Bad for a Start. Sunday, Greece Votes, But No Attention Would be Given as Bail Out Remedied the Crisis TEMPORARILY. Europe is Busy with Refugee Crisis - Great Achievements by the Elites & Banksters Who Planned this Influx Years Ago. Europe Will Owe 2M Cheap Labor Cost a Competitive Advantage Against China. Equities for the Bear Again, Find out When to Start!

14 Sep 2015

The Wars: In the name of 9/11, War on Terror Continues Ensuing an Expansion of Network of Terror Globally. Irrepressible Refugees Flux in Europe, China Warships fleet Away 10 miles of Alaska After 4 Explosions (enemy selected chemical plant), Russia 'nuclear-boot' on Syrian's Ground, the Punishment of Russia via Pounding Waves of Oil - those Elements will Increase the Network Terror to the Most Developed Countries & Can't Deliver Peace Globally where Something Big in Terms of Nuclear is not Going to be a Happenstance: Every Country Will be Affected! Everyone is bearish on Brazil - Be Careful, the Mass Knows Too Much. The Good Retracement in AUDCAD and GBPUSD Might not Prove that Good Yet. We Marked an Inverse Head and Shoulder in AUDJPY that Gives, if Proven Correct, a Further Lift in Blue Chips. NZDUSD Low is Never Completed this Month.

04 Sep 2015

As we are heading into a Long Weekend: Labor Day on Monday, the Summary falls into: EURUSD & GBPUSD Lows are Incomplete. EURUSD may Swing Between 11250 & 10950 While GBPUSD stay Below 1.5550 Keeps the Smell of Abyss. The fast Jump of Crude Oil Doesn't signify an inch that Top is Incomplete - Be careful! AUD awaits Capitulation as the base is always shakable - We are heading towards 0.5000 by Q1, 2016.

28 Aug 2015

Let's Define Black Monday: BM is a small demonstration, preparing the platforms for the NEXT BIG UGLY BLOW OUT. Four Currencies Won't be Traded till that Explosion is Done. (Do You remember When We warned about CHF Peg line - We didn't trade CHF for three months.) Pass on the Caveat! The week registered a dead-cat-bounce pattern for EURUSD and GBPUSD. Holidays are Over and September is the month for one highlight and only: Will the FED raise rate or not? Hint: the FED is Everything! Silver Belongs to an Uncharted Territory - Go South as long as no Green Candle is printed today.

21 Aug 2015

Weekly Candles preferred the road to the South where Chinese stocks opened the highway to the abyss and everything else followed whether supported by QE or not. The 11% decline of the Chinese stocks surely opens up a new war in Asia. London stock should keep falling to test the support between 6100 and 6000 band while the only one holding for now is the NIFTY - It won't stay within safe haven umbrella. Hang Seng broke the support of 2014 while MSCI Taiwan descend is accelerating to break 2014 support. Silver should close today above 15.70 else another avalanche is on the run. Has the gold uptrend been stretched to the maximum? Monthly downward channel promises 1200 as strong resistance. If everything in the market goes to the abyss why USDJPY to stay holding MA100 @12200?

14 Aug 2015

Are Equities in Good Shape Knowing that 75% of the Stocks Lost their Peaks? S&P Alone Doesn't Confirm the Well Being. The Consolidation of EURUSD for Few Weeks is Not Ending Yet - The Market Hints for the North while You Should Give it Time and Go South, Very Deep, & Non-Stop! This Edition Tells You Which Month to Start Selling EURUSD for a thousand-pip. Crude Oil & Brent Lower Lows May Force a New mini-Capitulation as Low is Incomplete and Won't be Completed this Year.

07 Aug 2015

ForexSurvivor Launched A New Program: The Uncharted Chart. This Program is What every trader needs first thing in the morning. Without this simple index, you can't be able tracing your own records. It is a Chart with a target and stop and not only: it is a trend that is derived from several indicators combined based on S&P & Gold factors. Don't Wheel Without It! Are You Looking as to What is Happening to Dollar Turkish Lira. The Current Trend is Your Friend Till Erdogan Resigns! EURUSD Consolidation above 1.0800 - Will it Survive by Monday to Track 1.1100? Else, 1.0650 is on the Show. The Strength in Dollar is Problematic to the US, but not to Wall Street!

31 Jul 2015

The High In USDJPY Has Completed Probably of What Had Been Called in the 2 Previous Edition. Shall We Go Descend the Tree? Confirmation Needed Before Striking Long Wave to 115.00 - Don't Dare Rushing. Sterling Consolidation Puts Pundits under Question Mark: Shall I Go Up or Shall I Go Down? Try 1.5300 If you Know how To Exit! Gold Consolidation is Heavy At The Bottom: Not Far from $970 in Few Weeks. Crude Oil: $40, $38, $35, $32...$25 and Keep Counting the Lows for the Next 6 Months

24 Jul 2015

ForexSurvivor Continues to Launch More New Program to Fit All Traders Needs. One of the Unprecedented Program is Called: IGUESS - It is Specifically designed to put your own knowledge without worrying about brokers, stop losses, margin calls, leverage, lefty sudden margin, spread, rollover. It is composed of simple question that needs one simple answer for a reward that is worth the study. Take it or Leave it!!!

17 Jul 2015

China Caught Between Two Opposing Demands, One of them: Strong Problematic Yuan. USDCHF Is not Interesting in Forming New Low At The Moment. USDJPY High Is Far From Completion Eying 125.00. Crude Oil & Saudi Arabia Entered a Divorce Zone.

10 Jul 2015

Stock Market Manipulation: China Authority to Arrest Short Sellers Upon Breaking Severely its Parabola Index - Worth Noting that No Arrests Were Made When Parabola was in the Making. Oil Prices, Rebound? Gold Rally-Effective or Dead Cat Bounce? Are You Long Apple & Others Related Still - Be Wary! We Warned Our Friends in China & Didn't Listen; At Least, Listen this Time! The Bond to Have an Horror Story Turns to Primary Headline. Will Greece Fail Repaying Yen bond Due July the 14th?

03 Jul 2015

Greek Critical Monday Calls For No More Austerity & a Stay In Euro Contradict Russia Proposal. Market will Behave on Monday despite Gaps Opening But Not What the Market Conceives as Crisis-Gap. What Happens this Week in EURO was Covering Gap then Market Corrected Uptrend - Business as Usual! How Effective is EURGBP Counter Trend?

16 May 2015

The De-Dollarization Program is Going to be Signed Between Russia & China Next Week. Wall Street Won't be Concerned but I say: The Crisis of 2008 is Nothing Comparing to the Coming One (WS Won't let You Understand the twist from Petrol-Dollar to Gas-o-Yuan). Be Very Careful in the Next Three Months As We, as Hedge Managers, Would Like to Pre-Warn. Signal: USDJPY 100 pips Mission Accomplished. New Signal: Will be forwarded on Monday at 13:00 GMT (via-email)

08 May 2015

The Metrics why Market is Expensive. UK Election is Off Agenda: Re-trend the Sterling from Scratch Targeting Blue-Sky. The fundamentals of Switzerland aren't Shapeable: Culpable Peg Outcome. USDCAD to be Neck lined within Double Bottom Parameters - Watching Today's Close. EURGBP Gap Met Expectations: Find out Gap Calculation that we Warned About Before Happening. Oil Rallying - Dream On It! Australia Housing - For every Bubble there is a Burst - Take the Profit. Of Course UK Conservative Wins - We didn't See Changes in the Election in US & Israel; So why in the British Empire? The Ranging Storms: De-Dollarization Vs. Gold. The Establishment of AIIB May Force the Bankrupted IMF into Foreclosure. The Future: Eurasia Economic Union Brings Hopes.

30 April 2015

Investors hate May as markets rarely miss the saga "Sell in May & Leave" Coercing Cutbacks in Sky-target Positions to almost Nil Posts; Hint: Asia Market Tone: April Negative. Currency Markets: Fishy to Consider Buying Dollar in the First Week as the Index Connotates Monthly Negative Bar. Will EURUSD be Hampered by 11250 for 2 figures Bear Move? Dislodge if Your Tactic Believes 11450 Won't Be "Rich." Where Time is Luxury: ForexSurvivor to Receive its Customized First Private Jet in March 2016.

24 April 2015

Economists Play with Hellas Etymology: Replace Grexit by Grimbo - a derivative from limbo that ushers to Greece;s Default Without Exiting Euro; We Remain Strict to Our Own Etymology: Grexit. The Story behind China's Default and Capital Outflows. Will Dubai Real Estate Explode a 2nd Time? There are No One Left in the Equity Market - The Top is Non-Toppish and the Bottom Creates Fear a la Franc Disaster Style. The FED to Raise Rate in 2015: IMPOSSIBLE. EURJPY Ascending Channel Target 13100 By Month's End. The Rally In Crude Oil Have Reached Yet the Extreme Overbought Zone. Pundits Talk About Negative Dollar vs. Yen Despite Nikkei Closing Above 20000 for the First Time in 15 years - Is their Timing Appropriate? Are You Looney to Buy the Loonie? The BOE Sterling Bullish Commentary this Week vs. Expected UK Election May 07 Upshot are Within an Inverse Relation  - Be Wary: Neither Crest Cycle is Completed nor the Trough. Despite its Non-Trading Activity on ForexSurvivor Platform, What's the Set-up of USDCHF? How is Nasdaq's How?

17 April 2015

Easter Vacation is Behind & Market to Repeat Holidays Wave: EURUSD 110/111 to be tested. Greek Finance Minister Varoufakis Met Obama: Signal for GrExit? Volume, Volatility, Sentiment are Deployed on Board Suggesting Equity is Prepared for Correction Next Month. Crude Oil Rally Won't be Sustainable. Will Gold Gap Higher Wild in the next Few Months? GBPCAD To Pay a Visit to 1.80 (Currently 1.82)

27 March 2015

The Week Filled With Indecision Bars - Explosion is in the Offing! Gold Tested DMA100 - What is Next? Will Silver Retest DMA100 from Below? The EURUSD 110 - 104 is Easter Brunch. EURJPY & NZDJPY Tested Resistance While EURGBP is About to Approach Top. AUDNZD 10400 - Expected Soon? Formidable USDSEK Parabola if for every Bubble there is a Burst. Oil's Rally Lacks Fundamentals Despite Yemen War at the Main Red Sea Gate.

20 March 2015

What Happened in Euro This Week Was Warned About Last Week (revise newsletter). What Happens Next Only a Member Knows - Exquisite Europe Edition! Deep Analysis of Palladium, Platinum, Copper, & Soybeans Trends. We Remain Firm Positioning that CHF Currencies Would Be Kept Off Our Business for the Rest of the Year - It Doesn't Hurt! EURGBP Rally Applies Dead Cat Bounce Pattern. We Promised Last Week 370 pips in GBPNZD in 45 Days, the Signal Triggered Target in Just 5 Days - "Applaud!"

13 March 2015

It won't be easy to reach euro Parity! GBPUSD may question 15555 in 12 or 24 months. Goldman is bearish on copper as we do. No major leg before FOMC meeting - expect retracement. Dollar Index punched 100 - a psychological level that gives 2 figures above and 5 figures below. EURJPY long term bottom is far from completion. After inserting Ruble into our trading signals, today we attach Turkish Lira versus dollar and euro. No changes in Grexit pattern: Greece will exit Europe and no crashes to happen as market priced already the phenomenon. Greece will be saved by BRICS - mainly China, but who saves the rest of the bankrupted nations of Europe? GBPNZD will award our signal page 370pips in the next 45 days. Gold on the loose but be careful: support 1150 is the principal menu.

06 March 2015

The Retracement in GBPAUD Has More Downwards to Meet Consolidation Pattern Objective - Once Done, Do Bounce! Be Ready for an Attack at EURNZD Feb Downsloping Trendline as GBPNZD Completed a V-Shape that is Structured to Perform a Pattern of Higher Highs. Neither BOE Nor ECB Did any Changes in Benchmark - What's Next? Integration of Disinflation an...? Believing that Grexit is No Longer Round the Corner? We Believe Pretty Much Otherwise as ECB Prints Money. Let's Unfortunately Say Farewell to the Good Days of London & Australia After their Elections - Increasing Terror Insanity to Invade those Countries, Generals Warn. The Portfolio of $5M Recorded 4.75% this week out of 16% set Target for this Month, Thanks to EURUSD & EURGBP.

27 February 2015

Last 15 days of February were tensed in negotiations (Gr & Uk). First 15 Days of March would be tensed in trading. EURUSD Negative Monthly Close Fits PAR as Target (Within 24 hours, or days, or weeks). Currency War Joined by New Country: China. Crude Oil Close: Greenish Imposing Incomplete Top. AUDNZD Is Taking A Stance Shot Targeting PAR. Equities Will Face Reversal - Longs Positions in our Portfolio of $20M Would Be abandoned for the first in 5 Years to be Replaced by the Reversal Sign (4 Companies Were Saved by ForexSurvivor Method). Last, After completing 8% of $5M portfolio in February, we are looking to more than double the percentage in March to range between 17% & 20%, then to only 5% in April as of Eastern Holidays.

19 February 2015

EURUSD Double-Squeeze Suggests a Serious 300 pips EXIT; Crude Oil Destroys Long Term Trend; GBPUSD The Strongest Despite Rumors - The Close of Today is Essential for Next Leg; NZDUSD Top Incomplete; USDJPY Between Feasibility & Feeble - Bothe Ways Are Win-Win; Gold First Week of January Versus Last Week of February Fathoms Arc completion; AUDNZD Heading to Target (100 pips Loss in Trade 1; 250 pips Gain in Trade 2). Greece Will Be New Paradise No Matter How EU Screws Austerity Measure: It Got China Bail Out. Europe's Problem Is Not Greece - It's The Weapon Machine That Has Been Sold to Greece From France & Germany.

13 February 2015

Depth Analysis of GBP Crosses & Signals for Euro Crosses: GBPCAD, EURCAD, GBPNZD, EURNZD, GBPAUD, & EURAUD. Between G20 (No Grexit) & Russia Dovish Posture, Market's Volatility Didn't Spike Out of Whack. Tracking US Unit Against Six Rivals, A Temporary Rally Pause. Gold Futures Ducked Into Red Territory. Crude Oil Holding Yearly Fibonnaci. Time Ticking to Clobber the NIKKEI.

06 February 2015

Remarkable GBPUSD Trend Line - Never Seen Before Ahead of UK Election! Oil Rallied, True, But Also Re-Tumbled in the form of Retracement 61% Fib; Top Incomplete Till Next Round Figure. Everything is Temporary in Helping the Greek Market - A Bankrupted Europe Can't Help a Bankrupted Country! US Employment Rate is a Big Lie. The Ascending Triangle in a Sterling Cross Declares Serious Break Out. Cutting Australian Growth Rate Implies a Major Sellable Rally Ahead.

30 January 2015

Year 2015 will spot PAR or 100 on the followings: AUDNZD, USDCHF, EURUSD, CADJPY, & AUDJPY. Timing is Blessed in Dilemma: Imminent; Summer; Last Week of 2015! The Saga "It's all Greek to Me" Is No Longer Available in the Greek Bond. The Love Between Russia & Greece is Eternal, Just Like Russia & Cyprus, Both Countries Subjugated to Oil Features. High Beta Craziness, Dėja-Vu Episode. Yen Consolidating Calmly Before Storm. Natural Gas $1.5 Will Be Hooked Soon as Dr. Copper is Opening Wild Its Band for a Multiple Year Low.

23 January 2015

Greece's Sunday is Shining: Snap Election Liberates it from Austerity by the Winner Tsipras. Saudi's King Death & Yemen Share a Vacuum in Power That Can't Affect the Slump of Oil That is Aimed to Close OPEC for Good & Revive a New One. What Happens 11 Years Ago with EURUSD? Technically, EURUSD axe Spells Either PAR directly or Rebound Near 120 Before PAR. The Ship is Sinking. The Pound is About to Seal a 'Temporary' Bottom vs. Dollar.

16 January 2015

The Year is All About Next Week - Will ECB's Full-Blown QE Be Launched on Jan22? How Syriza Party, Surely Winning Greek Election Jan 25, Will Force a Write-Off Debt Similar to London Debt Agreement of 1953? Military Coup in Greece!? One More 20 Figures Run in One Single Tick & Be Prepared for Bank Bankruptcy. The Continuing Plunge of the Euro Portends a Meltdown in the Trans-Atlantic Financial System Ensuring an Eruption of Thermonuclear War. The Par of the 19-Nation Currency is Sealed to be Printed on Screen in Q1 (Probability 50% In Jan & 50% in February). We Change The Content of Interest Rate from Being Raised by FED & BOE in Q1 to No Raise in 2015. Today, The Equity Network Depreciates. SNB Walks a Crash Scene

09 January 2015

The Relation between Commodity Currencies & Oil (+Iron Ore) Absolutely Not Ignorable. The Yen Crosses Designate Double-Bottom & Ascending Triangle Encouraging a Yen Short Term Ceiling. Find Out What Would Happen to Oil Glut if Saudi Arabia is Next After Libya as if the Request of "US Congressmen Ask for the Disclosure of 9/11 28-page" is Granted. Do We Expect Gold to Mirror-Move Year 2014 in the first half of the year? Political File: Year 2015: Europe is being Plunged into a Chaos Scenario, Pitting Sections of the Population (pro-immigration against anti-immigration; pro-Muslim vs. anti-Muslim) - STOP the Chaos & Unite Before War Ignites to Portending Financial Crash.

26 December 2014

Trading Hushes as Key Markets are Closed for Christmas. The Route Between US Recovery & Abe Yen Weakness To Gather Pace Once Liquidity is Back Furnishing a Rate Hiking by Q1. What Does it Mean the Year 2015 for Australian Market a Gain of 6.5% in the First Half of Year 2014 and a Loss of 9% in the Second Half? Why FTSE is Not Meeting Demand's Target? Platinum, Palladium, and Russia Ruble Are Newly Plugged to ForexSurvivor Market for 2015 Trading for Portfolios of no less than $1M.

19 December 2014

2015 Growth Turns to Nightmare a Cause d' Energy Avalanches Sectors. Weekly Full-Focus at Russia to Grasp Diminishing Returns on how Raising Interest Rate Affected Intervened Market by its Central Bank & Finance Minister [2000pips were boasted by warmongers takers where 100% retraced in less than 48hrs leaving hawks skeptical at the serious tactful effect of rate hike.] FOMC Hawkish Statement Marks Spring 2015. US Presidential Candidacy Stuck Between Bush & Clinton for the Last 14 Years - Worrisome if Dynasty 'Jeb Bush' Retains US Presidential Seat in 2016. What Hides 2015 for Equities & Energies Sectors?

12 December 2014

Sterling - Notching High to Swing for the Fences & yet the Scary Move : What Does it Mean to Have a Negative Close at the end of the Downtrend that Hasn't Ended Nonetheless? Which Security (ies) will be in the Groove in 2015? The Troubled Currencies Related to Energy Sector are not in Trouble; those holding Derivatives are. Economists Have Been Predicting a Raise in the Interest Rate Round the Globe for more than 5 Years; Outcome Shocked them: No Raise - Seriously, Economists are Latching on to Hopes! US, EU, & Persian Gulf' Equities are Clobbering, a Warning to a Hoisting Wedge Furnishing Sellers Positive Outcome for Short Period of Time after Five Stoppage Consecutive Wedges. Market is Shifting From Risk Taking to Risk Aversion as Holidays & Closing Books are on Tap.

05 December 2014

Black Out by Media: HR758 - Thermonuclear War Falls in the Hand of US Speaker Boehner Who Brought HR758 on the Floor of the House for Debate. USDJPY 120 Band is not a 'Perfected' Resistance to Rely on. The Story Behind the U-Turn of Silver & Gold On That Swiss Referendum (Mon) Day. What Hides December for American Equities? Santa's Rally Is Round the Corner, namely in ... & ... The Pip Gift Program of New Year of 7% Profit in Programs above $1M and $5M is Few Session Away from Ending Which Happens to Be Formidably Sooner than Expected (next week, we publish the result of $1M, & by year end we publish $5M upshot).

28 November 2014

BOE Stance Keeps Sterling Viable to Losses. Currency Commodities Are Fallen Onto Abyss As Void OPEC Action Against Easing Supply Glut Was Nominated. The Start of Next Week is All About Reaction of SNB Referendum: To Buy or not to Buy the 70% of all Gold Mined- Be Wary of Players CHF & Gold As Switzerland Regretted Ditching Gold Standard in 1999. Five Tangible Motives Why Crude Oil Plunge Doesn't Shake Russia As Per America's Strategic Plan. The Portfolio between $1 & $5M would be opened on Monday. [All Strategists Back on Desk and This Year Our Holiday to be Unlike Each Other Year: Instead of One Month, Would be One Week Because The Market Plans Something Big, Different, & We Are Ready (Exactly, as we were, when we cut short our Summer Vacation.)]

21 November 2014

Next Week is all about OPEC 24 Nov & Thanksgiving Holidays. Be Sure that Nuclear Negotiation is Very Successful No Matter What Else is Aired! This 100% Success (Even if there are few weeks delay)Falls Under the Saga: American Stabbing its Allies On The Back Because its Allies Failed Unseating Assad Syria. Dollar Stays Constructive & It Stays Very Constructive. EURUSD Buyers Ask the Question: Why To Buy When Abyss is the Rule? USDJPY Horizon is the Black No Matter What Ministers Say About Rush of Yen Slump.

14 November 2014

The Yellow! What is Happening Below 1180? The Real Story Behind Falling Knife of Crude Oil: Complete Success of Nuclear Negotiation. USDJPY Has Crossed the Blue Sky & Flies Towards a Star (Long Trend is Long). NZDUSD Did Not Finalize with 80 Yet. EURCHF May or May no..."whatever"... But Be Wary of November 30.

07 November 2014

GBPCAD Goes Through A Splendid Technical Set-up Unlike Wonderful Fundamental Ending in Following Saga - Sell Rumors, Buy Facts. CADJPY Met our Long Objective 100 from 9400 - Expect Pause Round that Psycho Number. NFP Today? Great! The Dollar Doesn't Care: Sooner or Later, It Has to Break its 30 Years Down Slopping Trendline.

31 October 2014

Economists expected FOMC statement to be dovish (Negative Dollar); Reality turned the opposite: Hawkish (Bullish Dollar) & Accordingly trading Resumes. EURUSD TP 12360 & Lower. Would have its entries activated next week. S&P along with EURJPY are having a loving affair - the correlation is there. Silver recording 4-year low another push for the dollar hawks. Commodities Currencies Rallies Remain Sellable. Crude Oil low is Incomplete no Matter how high it goes next week. NASDAQ Worth the Whole Attention for the Weekly Close As it is Kissing Sep Top (bear in mind: October is the weakest in last Q).

24 October 2014

To Start With, Week Was Boring. Few Ups & Few Downs Regarding Commodity Prices. The Range Developed this Week Would Be Out busted Next Week. Gold Is Not Shining Anymore & India Wedding Season Didn't Drive it Upwards Much - Preparing the Next Fall. Crude Oil Keeps Plummeting & Will Stay that Way As Nuclear Determines the Trough of Oil (Iran +US): It is No Longer Saudi Arabia. Dollar Index Needs A Close Today Above 8620 To confirm Next Euro Leg is Weakening. $5M Portfolio Signals: USDJPY in perfect touch with our target at 10810 after it subdued a light loss of $22K, regaining a total of $84K. Gold punched our target at 1247 generating $133K, & CAD still on hold. The account has driven 175% this year beyond expectation, which was set at less than double by tiny notch. For the next two weeks, the department of $5M portfolio & above would be closed for "Spain Vacation."

17 October 2014

Have You Ever Ridden a Roller Coasters? That's The Best Definition We Could Give This Week to Commodity Currencies - Find Out the Details of the Craziness. Equities May Pose Its Week This Rally as US Data Did Not Do Any Harm. EU Energy Sector Under Threat As Putin Threats Are Taking Seriously. CADJPY, EURCAD, & USDCAD Doing the Extremes As Oil Plummets Siding Worries To Canada Exports. Signals: Crude Oil Perfected Our Signals on $5M Portfolio in Both Directions in Just One Week: $5 down and $5 Up contributing to a total of $175,000, while UK Oil Subdued barely $100K & AUDJPY $45K. & still Holding the trend of Gold & CAD. The Loss of the Week Was Recorded on USDJPY @$15k where 38% Fib Line Didn't Hold But Re-bought on Previous Resistance 10550 functioning over $22K so far.

10 October 2014

America is Forcing its Equities to Decline to the Low of August to Repeat the Wave of the Mafia During its August Absence. EURUSD 1st Serious Rally Yielded Couple of Extra Figures in An Avalanche Trend that Spurred 1200 pips Since July - Low Completely Incomplete. USDJPY Few pips Below 10700 Will Determine the Next Trend - Paying Attention to Yen Data by Then Would Be More Reasonable. GBPUSD Daily Divergence Probes that A New Rally is on the Making - More Extrapolations Are Needed. Portfolio of $5M Contains still Gold & CAD & Added AUDJPY & UKOil, While Sump Lump of $120K Were Extracted from Different Small Positions This Week.

03 October 2014

EURGBP Plummet is Showing Exhaustion While Sterling Low is Not Completed Yet Versus Dollar. Crude Oil Targeting Another Lower Low than $88. Gold Manifest a Consolidation Just Shy of 1200, Target Stays Southing Though. EURUSD Rallies Remain Sellable As No Matter What Draghi Does, The Pressure is There - Did it Happen to Know that Short Dollar Index Have not Been exploded Yet? Imagine then How Deep the Euro Has Further to Go. Equities Are Tumbling But It Is not A Crash Neither Considered A Sharp Decline - Only Few Billions Are Lost From the Trillions that Rally Achieved. To Repeat the Scenario of "Again, & Again," it Was Worth Cutting Off Vacation bringing this time AUDUSD to $180K while still holding Gold & CAD in the $5M Account.

26 September 14

Again & Again, it Was Worth Cutting Off Vacation bringing EURUSD yields to $870K vs. $570K Last Week as EURUSD Achieved our Long Term Target 1.2730 (Happy Ending As Always for such $5M Portfolio). Other Signal is Working Towards Such Achievements While Holding CAD, AUD, & Gold. The Trend is Your Friend Till it Bends - Applying Equity Proverb on iphone 6+, A Great Disappointment for Its Ticker! Taking Another Break this Week Where Next Edition Would be Released Next Friday.

19 September 14

It Was Worth Cutting Off Vacation as EURUSD Achieved Alone $570,000 in the $5M Portfolio & USDJPY $620,000 Just Closed below 110 -Signal: EURUSD 1300 pips Mission Accomplished upon adding (triple) Retracement. Taking a Break this Week and Next Edition will Be Out Next Friday.

15 September 14

Gold, Crude Oil, & Silver Have Lost Sky Appetite. Oil, US & UK, Have reached a 'Dangerous Crossroads.' Equities Cheapening Won't Last - Don't Get Out Of Parabola Sooner - The Media Will Take you Out Of It. USDJPY 110 on the Cards in Few Weeks. Raising Interest Rates May Start no Sooner than November. Watch EURUSD 12800, GBPUSD Testing Support (Stalling), USDCHF Testing Daily Downtrend Resistance - All Are Happening Ahead of Yellen. Signal: EURUSD 500 pips Working and we will add triple the positions on Mid Retracement.

05 September 14

Reasons for Calling ForexSurvivor Team Vacation off Sooner 3 Number one: Draghi (We all saw what happened). A Plus, Reason Why EURUSD Signal was given 500 pips (previous Newsletter) for the First Time Beyond Pip Average. The Start of Fall Yielded EXCELLENT in the Grand Portfolio of & Above $5M in Just 3days - More to Come! Some Have Waved Goodbyes to EURO, AUD, CHF, DID YOU AS WE DID? Signal: EURUSD 500 pips Working.

22 August 14

NZDUSD Lift Up Hints for Closing A Fundamental Gap. Gold Double Top is Confirmed, Let's Look South no Matter How High it Goes! USDCAD Bounced off Resistance of May 2014 Despite a Broken Downsloping TL. Silver Plummeting Noiselessly To Attain a Yearly New Low - Scenario is Heaven With Only One Condition, Which is Unlikely to Happen in August. Signal: GBPCHF 170 pips Mission Accomplished; EURUSD: 500Pips Working (duration one month, started on 19 Aug).

19 August 14

EURUSD Lift Up Seems Quite Retraceable. Gold & USDJPY Summer Range About is not a Bone of Contention. Before You Trade AUDUSD, Look inside an Abyss and afterwards, Confirm a bottom. USDJPY Waits Next Most Significant FED for this Year to Shake the World. Are you Looking for An Interest Rate Increase? Watch BOE Benchmark - It is there where the Start begins. When Gold Played Parabola, You Caught your Breath 13 Years - We are Only 5 Years in Equities' Parabola (Keep Catching!). Signal: GBPCHF 170 pips Mission Accomplished; EURUSD: 500Pips Limit Set (duration one month)

08 August 14

GBPUSD Fall is Underlined By a Reversal of Previous Week Analysis. USDJPY Stay-Range is No Longer Permissible - As Stocks Tumble So She Will to Farewell the Long Term Support of this Year. Commodities Currencies Will Suffer as Russia Food Embargo Against 'Enemies' Takes a Lead. Gold Wave is Building a Contained Upping as India Wedding Season Hits the Notebook and Not Because of Intense Geopolitics. Signal: NZDUSD 220 pips Mission Greatly Accomplished; New: GBPCHF 170 pips Limit Order Set.

29 July 14

USDJPY Squeeze is About to be Exterminated; AUDJPY, CHFJPY, CADJPY 4 hr Chart Readiness to Blow out. Equities Are On the Defense As Long as Parabola is Not Broken Down; It Won't Break Down Absolutely this Year. USDCHF Triggered an Up Wave Above 0.9000 - Quite Interesting to Fall Into the Clutches of Buyers. Signal: GBPUSD 120 pips Mission Accomplished; NZDUSD 220 pips Limit Set

18 July 14

EURUSD Facing Weekly Trendline; USDCAD & EURGBP Are Preparing a Recovery Stage. NZDJPY Bearish Rising Wedge on the Daily have a Good Story. USDJPY 5 months Support: is it Different this Time, or Not? AUDUSD Head & Shoulder Pattern once Neckline is Confirmed. Signal: GBPUSD is still Working.

11 July 14

USDJPY Facing the Death Bearish Signal Aiming at Two Digits. GBPCAD About to be Detached from Weeks of Consolidation. Russia to Dump $26Bl of US Bonds - that is the New Gauge Fear not VIX. EURUSD Rallies Are Sellable. Signal: EURNZD 50 pips Mission Accomplished. New Signal: Will be emailed to members on Monday at 13:00 GMT.

03 July 14

Copper Reviving; What's Next? Draghi Publication of Minutes: Should be a Concern? EURUSD 100MA Reads 13700 - Bounced Back & Skidding to A New Monthly Low, Only ...! GBPJPY False Break Did Not Materialize - Constructive Scheme, Very Much So. AUDCAD Below Parity: Abyss Momentum On. Dow Jones, Many Believe It Would Crash - We Believe It is the Start! Signal: EURUSD 100pips Mission Accomplished. GBPAUD 120 pips Mission Accomplished. New Signal: Will be emailed to members on Monday at 13:00 GMT.

27 June 14

All Middle East Wars are About Energy (No More, No Less); Crude Oil Three Charts Are Depicted As We Are Hearing the Drums of New Iraqi War. GBPJPY Resistance Has Been Broken in the Form of False Break. GBPUSD 170 is No Longer a Psycho Level - You May Proceed! There is a Boom in GBPAUD as Long as EURGBP Keeps Flirting with the Lows and which Downsloping Channel is About to Have an End. Signal: EURUSD 100pips is still Working. New Signal: Will be emailed to members on Monday at 13:00 GMT.

20 June 14

Golden Week: Iraq Tension is Up Leading to a New War for 2Months: July & August (Negotiation to end it: September) - Commodities Market is Responding: Gold Up BUT IT WILL STAY IN TIGHT RANGE - Don't Aim too High. Full Analysis of Gold in Three Outstanding Charts for the Next Three Months. A Great Opportunity for CADJPY Exists But Be Wary of False-Break: It May Take Your Breath Away. Signal: AUDNZD 60 pips Mission Achieved. New Signal: Will be emailed to members on Monday at 13:00 GMT.

13 June 14

Gold Up, Crude Oil Up, Iraq Tension Up - Iran Deployed Troops Inside Iraq, Next Week: Gold Down, Oil Down, & Tension Down. While GBPUSD is about to Lock the 170 Psychological Level During the Start of World Cup 2014, Will Dow Lock 17000? YEAP. Signal: GBPUSD 170 pips Mission Achieved. New Signal: Will be emailed to members on Monday at 13:00 GMT.

06 June 14

ECB Reverses previous ECB Dollar Wave. S&P Soar to All-Time Highs Again Just After ECB Deposit Rate Was Slashed - We Can Guarantee that S&P Buyers Did Not Exist This Year - They Are Looking for Crisis. We Are Holding Without Plaguing for Seven Months Long S&P & Maintain It Properly Up Still, Despite VIX Below 12. Signal: GBPCHF 110 pips Mission Accomplished. New Signal: Will be emailed to members on Monday at 13:00 GMT. One Rule Traders Neglect: VIX Might Usher that Equities Rally to Falter as it Closed Below 12. Don't Neglect a Search of History Which Says: It takes Between 5 & 9 Months Before VIX is Translated. It Closed Below 12 Just Last Month.

30 May 14

Calm Week It Was As Eyes At ECB Next Announcement: Significant One, Unlike Others! EURUSD Screens For 4 Weeks Negatives Candles With the Current One Testing 13550 - Giving Up & 13400 on the Run. End of the Month, Very OverSold, Will The Negative Stretched Momentum Bounce Today (Worth the Watch)? Signal: EURAUD 120 pips Mission Accomplished. New Signal: Will be emailed to members on Monday at 13:00 GMT. Today, we confirm that the $5M is reading $6.7M, an increase of 34%, lacking 12% to achieve the target set for the first half of the year at 46%. We aim for 12% for June! As for the next half, the target is set lower, at 25% as 2months are off (1st of August till Mid Sep, and from Mid Dec).

23 May 14

Good Morning Mr. 140 Euro - Will 140 be tested again ahead of next ECB announcement, after, or not all - that is the question! (a not at all and euro to the abyss, deep abyss, very deep abyss indeed). The old saga 'Sell in May & Leave;' didn't pump up this year; it rather divagated to "Consolidate in May & Stay." By this, Will S&P keep testing 1900? Signal: GBPUSD 90 pips Mission Accomplished. New Signal: Will be emailed to members on Monday at 13:00 GMT (via-email).

16 May 14

The De-Dollarization Program is Going to be Signed Between Russia & China Next Week. Wall Street Won't be Concerned but I say: The Crisis of 2008 is Nothing Comparing to the Coming One (WS Won't let You Understand the twist from Petrol-Dollar to Gas-o-Yuan). Be Very Careful in the Next Three Months As We, as Hedge Managers, Would Like to Pre-Warn. Signal: USDJPY 100 pips Mission Accomplished. New Signal: Will be forwarded on Monday at 13:00 GMT (via-email)

09 May 14

The Psychological levels of EURUSD & GBPUSD @ 140 & 170 were Left Untouched Citing Preparedness for Another Assault. Don't Believe in the Drop of the Euro, Once the Market Wakes Up, Over 140 is our Chit-Chat. For those who Believe in 'History Repeating Itself,' it was between 06 & 25 May 2010 when Dow Jones Crashed & Recovered Twice 1kpips. Signal: GBPCHF 125 pips Mission Accomplished. New: USDJPY 100 pips Limit Set.

02 May 14

Both are far from Psycho Level by almost 120 pips each; What's after EURUSD 140 & GBPUSD 170, that is the Question! There is Always a Niche Market for the Old Adage "Sell in May & Leave" - If You haven't Left Already, then Take Six Recommended Instruments With You. Signal: GBPCAD 100 pips Mission Accomplished; & GBPCHF 125 pips Working

25 April 14

Despite CPI AUD Weakness, AUD Support is unconquerable. GBPCAD Overbought Momentum versus Incomplete Top signals a Triangle Explosion. Did it Happen to Know that 61% Fib Line since Credit Crunched 2007 is 10560 USDJPY and it is the Closing 100 pip Band of Last Year? What those bi-indicator of USDJPY Signifies to the Yen Market? Signal: EURAUD 100 pips Mission Accomplished; New: GBPCAD 100 pips & GBPCHF 125 pips Limit set

11 April 14

You Were Warned about it Exactly One Week Ago: Recall: Frothy Equities' High Risk: High Percentage of Stocks are Stock Buybacks & Margin Debt is Surging - Both Point to A 'Serious' Peak; Seal Against the Ingress & Egress. Forex Coming Week is all About Swiss, Euro, & Gold: Retracement or Trend Continuation that is the Question. Signal: EURAUD 100 pips Working

04 April 14

Frothy Equities' High Risk: High Percentage of Stocks are Stock Buybacks & Margin Debt is Surging - Both Point to A 'Serious' Peak; Seal Against the Ingress & Egress (You have just been warned). Broohaha of Forex Investor is not Waning: Print in Your Mind: You Won't Turn Your Investment into Profitable Income Unless You Meet At Least 10Years Experience Money Manager. Oil Spike May Trip Up the Economic Recovery. EURUSD Bearish Scenario About to Be Confirmed. Signal: EURUSD 70 pips Mission Accomplished; New: EURAUD 100 pips Limit Set

28 March 14

Gold Stuns Traders as It Did Not Translate Ukrainian Crisis as they Expected - Major Weekly Reversal. Crude Oil Soared Above 100 - A Crisis Over Boiled Ready to Explode. Turkish PM: Instead of Toppling What He Claimed, He Revenges on Social Media. Bitcoin, For Every Warning by a Super Power Country, there is a Crash. Signal: EURUSD 70 pips Working

21 March 14

Euro Sellers be very Cautious as the Market has not Signal an End to Rally Yet - Yellen Week was an Opportunity for Buyers to Add or Re-Load! GBPUSD Broke Up its Long Term Up Sloping TL! You Can't Live With the Idea with EURUSD UP & GBPUSD Down Because you Keep Missing Analyzing EURGBP - Strengthening Further. Signal: GBPUSD 77pips Mission Accomplished; New: EURUSD 70Limit Set.

14 March 14

It takes One Non-Yen Political Decision to Change Easily a Strong Indicator: USDJPY False Break @10267, Broke Down Upsloping @102. Trend: Extremely Bearish If... The Show Down Of Crimea Parliament Ends Sunday With No Serious Repercussion - Market to Correct all Moves Caused by Ruble Annexation. Signal: GBPUSD 55pips Mission Accomplished; New: Signal: 77pips Limit Set.

07 March 14

Russia is the 21st Century - Ukraine Tension Eased So Crude Oil, Buyers are Going Home: "palmhead!" Dollar Index Buyer: You Have a Fear to Fear! Signal: EURUSD 200 pips Mission Accomplished. New: GBPUSD 55pips Limit Set.

28 February 14

Don't Underestimate the Power of AUD even if Chinese Renminbi is cracking. NZD Force Lives its Own La La Land, beautifully constructing the next 400pips. S&P Cracked Resistance Heading North. Elliott Wave is Wonderful once those Conditions (ifs) are Removed (A failed System) While Quantum Mechanics is the Means to Observe the Light of the Tunnel. Signal: EURUSD 200 pips Working.

21 February 14

The USDJPY final Battle Before Long Term Trend Resumes. EURNOK being Blessed by MA100 since Feb'13. CAD Weakness Stays Tasty especially vs. CHF - Will it test 2011 hangman? Signal: EURUSD 200 pips Working.

14 February 14

The Laggard Silver to Catch on with Gold's Rally- Be Careful: Aim Sky-Less. Dollar Index is in Trouble once A Close <79 is Framed. USDCHF 8700 Would be in the Offing Upon Closing<89. Commodities Currencies in Bull Shape fits the old adage: It's Those Quiet Unexpected Trends That Last. Signal: EURUSD 200 pips Working.

07 February 14

EURGBP Weakness is Incomplete as it Battles Between ECB & NFP (Mirror Wave). Gold Maneuvers Between Emerging Markets Fears & Winter Olympics Correction Fib. Has RBA Gov. Glenn Stevens Called for a Regrettable Fast AUD Sell-Off that Caused an Escalation in inflation? Signal: EURAUD 120 pips Mission Accomplished. New: EURUSD 200 pips Limit Set.

31 January 14

Yen Crosses on Major Supports as China Heads to New Year; Gold Base Severely Fractured. The Positive Territory of AUDNZD Allows December Top a Visit. GBPUSD Strength hits the Warned Retracement Scene - Eyeing Tonight's Close! Turkey Interest Rate Created New Jitters. EURUSD Breached the Support line of Year 2013 - Momentum Ducking into Red Zone. Signal: EURUSD 140 pips Mission Accomplished. New Signal: EURAUD 120 pips Limit Set.

24 January 14

Sterling Bounce is Formidable as Long as Ignoring Deep Retracement - Dare To! Gold ounce stuck between a bounce and a pounce - Mirror Shape. PMI Hands Over EURUSD to the Bull Farm. Signal: GBPUSD: 300 pips Mission Accomplished. EURUSD 140pips Working!

17 January 14

AUDNZD Beats Pundits - What Was Support Turned Into Resistance. AUDUSD Today's Close Signals Trend Towards RBA Next Benchmark Date. EURGBP Upping is Incomplete. Signal: GBPUSD: 300 pips Working. New Signal: EURUSD 140pips Limit Set.

10 January 14

What Would Happen in 2014? Pragmatic Analysis EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, AUDUSD, Gold, Crude Oil, S&P, & Copper. EURUSD 140 vs.130 A Very Strong Support - If Beaten, 125 in the Cards. Two Special Christmas Gifts Were Signaled: Long USDJPY 9950 plus a Sell in Crude Oil 100 for 90. Signal: GBPUSD: 300 pips Working.

03 January 14

ForexSurvivor Newsletter: VIX Points to a deterioration in Equities. USDCHF To Wave 100% Yearly Retracement. Yen Crosses are in Collaboration with the Outcome of VIX. GBPUSD & Its Allies are Faltering - Rallies Sellable. Signal: GBPUSD: 300 pips Working.

27 December 13

ForexSurvivor Newsletter: Holder of NonySqueakNews of USDJPY from 9950, Bon Voyage & Bon Courage! Year 2014: Weekly Upticks in Commodities & Energies are Sellable; Dream on, Buyers! No Matter What They Say Politically for 2013, Iran is the Winner & US Joined the Winner. Signal: GBPUSD: 300 pips Working.

20 December 13

The Year 2013 in Brief vs. 2014 Dollar Index in Details. The Happy Endings Of Yen Crosses. All Pundits Have Failed in Equities in 2013 - No One Dares Admitting! The Sell-Off in Gold & Silver Has no Bottom in 2014 - Fundamentally, Down; Technically, Retracement. Signals: GBPUSD 300 pips Working.

13 December 13

EURJPY Wave Supported almost 20 figures in 2013 - To be Continued in Q1, 2014. USDCAD Promises High Volatility in 2014 as Crude Oil Supplies Increase a Bunch of Numbers. Copper Lift up Trails Next Week AUDUSD. Signal: GBPUSD: 300 pips Working.

06 December 13

EURUSD is done with its 'yawning' lousy route - Don't ignore the happenings at 13500 band. AUDUSD Stays within a Slippery Zone, Yet, a Fast U-Turn is Under Construction. USDJPY Setback is an Erroneous Perception of Reality. GBPJPY Frenzies Ahead of the Psycho 170. EURJPY Psycho 140 is about to Give Way After 2 Dojis. GBPAUD Top is Farthest From Completion. Signal: GBPUSD: 300 pips Working.

02 December 13

Falling in Love with AUDUSD. The King Sterling is On Fire. URGENT TO REMEMBER: Gold: We Are The First To Announce That Gold Is Going Back To 2003 Levels - What Happen, Why it is Happening, It Just Doesn't Matter (You Boldly Recall: We Were the First Who Launched $1000 Level When It Was $300). Signal: EURUSD 110 pips Mission Accomplished. New Signal: GBPUSD: 300 pips Limit Set.

22 November 13

Long Term Appeal for Year 2014: GBPAUD. Commodities Currencies: Back to Trouble. USDJPY Pull Back To Stay Afloat. The Alpine Economy of Switzerland is Trendless, Frustrated, But Not Sky-less. Signal: USDCHF: 50 pips Mission Accomplished. New: EURUSD 110 pips Limit Set.

15 November 13

Will USDJPY Exacerbate the Sellers' force? The World is Looking for the Next Fed as Most Important Woman on Earth - At ForexSurvivor, We Observe A Crush in Dollar During Her Term, Undermining Her Strength. Signals: USDJPY 60 pips Mission Accomplished; Signal: USDCHF: 50 pips Limit set.

08 November 13

GBPUSD Overbought Indicators Neglected as UK Engine is Very Powerful. S&P Closed Below MA20 for the first time in a Month. While Crude Oil Weaknesses Are Deep, Gold is Taking A Nap. EURGBP is Not Ready to Bounce (8450 Worth the Watch). ECB Acted Sooner than Expected on its Lending Rate While Fed Tap Turns Significant Next. Social Accounts Going Public & Traders Can't Go but Crazy. Signals: GBPUSD 120 pips Mission Accomplished. New: USDJPY 60 pips Limit set.

01 November 13

EURUSD On Fire, a Normal Scenario Upon Visiting New Yearly High - Its Reversal Candle Spells No Less Than 13450. The Yen and its Crosses Allies Gauge a Fear measurement - Double Squeeze at the Top Aims for an Extended Leg Ahead of Year End. USDCAD Radar detects 10800 - Find Out the Possibilities through Seven Signals! Working Signals: GBPUSD 120 pips.

25 October 13

The Triangle of USDJPY Faces a Stiff Battle Between the Perfect Technical and the Fundamental. AUDUSD Failed Test and Was Taken in Scathes by Fibo - Once Released, Attempt to Haunt PAR is the Next Go. The Stock Market is Over Bought, But Really: Mind Your Own Business! Signals: USDJPY: 90pips Mission Accomplished. GBPUSD 120 pips Limit Set.

18 October 13

The Reversal of the Dollar Right After Shutdown Diversion Implies 140 Euro. Sterling is Gaining back its Shine. EURAUD is setting a dangerous Steep Wave. Crude Oil Being Pushed Down by MA20 Every time it Bounces Back - Deepest Going. EURUSD: 200pips Mission Accomplished. USDJPY: 90pips Limit Set.

10 October 13

Dollar Buyers are not Exhausted Despite Balance of Power. Don't Bet Hard on Equities so You Do Not Land Hard: We are Far From 2008 Style Collapse. Weekly's Outlook for the EURO Drives A Stormy Volatility. The Fear Index (VIX) Implies Broken See-Saws. The Consolidated Period of USDJPY Has an End Before Year-End. EURUSD: 200pips (still for a 3rd week) Working.

04 October 13

US Congress Shut-Down Implies Dollar Weaknesses. Shut-Down Means Entrench Dollar, Once Done, Dollar Rallies to Year End. Majors have printed back the Opening of the Year; What is the Concern? Copper, Natural Gas, & Crude Oil Won't be Able getting off the Floor - Eying Anonymous Abyss ! EURUSD: 200pips (still for a 2nd week) Working.

27 September 13

EURCHF Eyeing South Testing SNB Floor. EURUSD Dilemma Wave (i.e. Elliott Structures of 'ifs') Did Not Seal A Top. Market Set A Stage Of Tiny Moves As World Leaders Assemble It For Explosion Ahead of (If) US Government Shuts Down. Syria: The Chemical Attack @ Ghoutta that Killed 1400 is Fabricated - Children Are Alive - Its Consequences: Obama To Step Down Ahead of his Term. Signal: EURUSD: 200pips Working.

20 September 13

German Election Goes the Same Approach: Merkel Back to Chancellor. USDCAD Testing Yearly TL While Crude Oil Consolidation on Top, Both to Tell A Shocking Story. Signals: NZDUSD: 65 pips Mission Accomplished; New: EURUSD: 200pips Limit Set.

13 September 13

Gold is Going to Hell! Hell With it, If that is a Relief; But, Wait a Minute!! NZDUSD 8165 is Expected to Become a Support Only when Some Ifs Are Not Retraceable. USDCAD Bottom is Loadi... AUDUSD 75pips Mission Accomplished (Target hit the max top with no extra one pip). New Signal: NZDUSD: 65 pips Limit Set.

06 September 13

Major Reason Behind Syria: Crude Oil (Check Battle Ships Map). September is the 9th Month; Congress to Strike-Decide is on the 9th (NAY); A pregnant Woman Delivers on the 9th - Painful Timing. Economically, Debt Ceiling & Sequestration Are Strike's Obstacles. A Regrettable Moment: When You Love the Dollar. EURGBP 150pips Mission Accomplished; AUDUSD 75pips Limit Set.

30 August 13

USDJPY Triangle August Consolidation is at Its Final Stage. Crude Oil $112 Determines Syria War. Gold retreat Implies No War Tensions. Syria War & Its Thermonuclear WWIII Consequences. Britain Plus Germany Face Bankruptcy - They Need War! US Asks Permission from Iran Launching a'Limited Scope' War - Denied. Signal: EURGBP 150pips Signal Working.

23 August 13

USDCAD is Surprising Sellers for a Life Time Squeeze. September Describes Germany Election: Euro Crisis! The Battle Between D-Mark & Drachmas - Which Will Go Back? Signals: EURUSD 100pips Mission Accomplished. New: EURGBP 150pips Limit set.

16 August 13

The Middle East Chaos is Punching Gold Sellers - North is More Important than South. Dollar Weakness Warned about is Materializing. Don't Cry "Euro-antina," We are Visiting the Sky! Sep Labor Day Marks Returning from Beach & Buying Equities. GBPUSD 175pips Mission Accomplished; New Signal: EURUSD 100pips.

09 August 13

Dollar Index Bearish is Non-Controversial Suggesting a Powerful Lift on the Euro 135+. With a Light Volume, Equities Behaviours in August Have a Bearish Slant. New Signal: GBPUSD 175pips Limit Set; USDJPY 130pips Mission Accomplished; (AUG Newsletters 4issues are Free for Members since Jan'13.)

09 August 13

Dollar Index Bearish is Non-Controversial Suggesting a Powerful Lift on the Euro 135+. With a Light Volume, Equities Behaviours in August Have a Bearish Slant. New Signal: GBPUSD 175pips Limit Set; USDJPY 130pips Mission Accomplished; (AUG Newsletters 4issues are Free for Members since Jan'13.)

02 August 13

EURUSD Resisted by the Yearly RTL @ 13330 & Supported by Lower Bollinger @130 - Close Beyond any Puts the Next Leg in the Equation. AUDUSD Lower Highs & Lower Lows Set Target @ 8770. New Signal: USDJPY 130pips Limit Set; AUDUSD 120 pips Mission Accomplished; (AUG Newsletters 4issues are Free for Members since Jan'13.)

26 July 13

ForexSurvivor Newsletter: Dollar Index Weakness to Continue for Several Weeks. Equities Market are Forgetting the Sell Trigger. Gold is lost between Inflation, Deflation, or Hyperinflation. Crude Oil Lofty Price Supported by 2 US Battle Ships at Suez Canal. Signal: AUDUSD 120 pips working.

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