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Trading For A Lifetime: 4.5 times
[2017-05-28   08:25 GMT]

Is there a forex statement that crossed Brexit referendum, US election, and France election, all three mega events without losses?

YES THERE IS! ForexSurvivor LIVE forex statement of one year plus (starting February 2016 ending April 2017) has yielded 4.5times  - account of $1M reads after one year plus a total of $4.5M

ForexSurvivor had shown its live statement to its clients (and is ready to show it to interested parties) containing on average 1000 trades.

The best part is where some clients jumped to buy the method and so far we have reached $1M, which is absolutely inappropriate for a 4.5 times per year at risk almost negligent. As a matter of fact, ForexSurvivor isn't considering selling the system which is applied to all currencies with spread less than 6 pips, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Crude Oil, Brent, Copper,  Indexes such as Dow Jones, NASDAQ, S&P500, CAC40, etc...

Although there are a dozens reasons why you would use market indicators, perhaps the most important is this: the next time someone asks you, "What's the market going to do next?" you know what to do - hand over ForexSurvivor Live Statement

Equities Gold & Crude Oil

ForexSurvivor Signal Tips

Take the emotion out of your trading by using the ForexSurvivor Signal Tips:

  • ForexSurvivor is always in the market signaling almost 10 equities (indices), crude oil, commodities (Gold/Silver), & Agriculture.
  • Account Should be no less than $100k to handle all sorts of signals at the cost of $5k/month.
  • 92% of our trades are positive and generate a profit of no less than 50 pips and 6% end in break-even. Only 2% end in a loss and only then because it is considered expedient to free up equity to move on to more profitable trades.

  • Don't chase the target or entry level by only one pip. Allow an entry range of +/- 7 pips.
  • Money back Guarantee: There is absolutely nothing to lose when furnishing Money Back Guarantee. You will find yourself in that elite group of the 5% of traders who are successful.

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