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When is a bubble really a bubble?
[2016-08-26   07:42 GMT]

By definition, a bubble is when a market’s valuation reaches a two standard deviation or “two-sigma” move, from its long-term average. By that measure, the S&P 500 SPX, -0.14% will hit bubble territory at 2,400 — about 10% higher than where it is now.

Stock Relation Breakable
[2016-08-26   07:38 GMT]

The FTSE 100 Index and the Euro Stoxx 50 Index tend to move in lockstep, but their correlation has slipped since the referendum on European Union membership. The pound weakness has boosted the U.K. gauge by more than 7.5 percent since then, while the European measure has fallen 1.7 percent. That’s pushed the 30-day correlation between the two to the lowest in more than a year. In brief, ties between U.K. and Europe slowly break down in Stocks (Bloomberg)

Goldman Sees Pound, Yen and Kiwi Most Exposed to Yellen Shock
[2016-08-25   08:02 GMT]

Yellen’s speech on the Fed’s monetary-policy toolkit in two days is widely expected to give clues on the path of U.S. interest rates and has pushed global currency volatility to a one-month high. The probability of a U.S. rate increase at the Fed’s next meeting on Sept. 21 rose to 28 percent from 24 percent at the start of this week, and the chances by the end of the year are 54 percent.  

RBS Tells 3,000 Clients to Speed Up Search for Another Bank
[2016-08-25   07:45 GMT]

Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc checking accounts, cash management and trade-finance services probably won’t work after Dec. 31, RBS said in a statement on Wednesday.

Big Oil Companies Binge on Debt
[2016-08-25   07:31 GMT]

‘Oil companies won’t be able to maintain the current dividends at $50 to $60 oil—it’s unsustainable.’


USD Support
[2016-08-24   06:34 GMT]

Dollar gains ground on yen ahead of Fed’s Jackson Hole meeting    Investors found it difficult to see the dollar fall, giving solid support to the U.S currency

Jackson Hole,
[2016-08-24   05:31 GMT]

Central bankers are meeting in Jackson Hole this week. What tools do they have left at their disposal   Don't expect a progress neither a harsh move in the market.

Nigeria Naira,
[2016-08-24   04:48 GMT]

The naira has now weakened more than any other major oil currency since mid-2014, when crude prices started retreating. It’s lost almost half its value against the dollar in that period, compared with 46 percent for Kazakhstan’s tenge and 35 percent for the Colombian peso.

Gold's Rally Means Old Rings Are Headed to the Melting Pot
[2016-08-23   06:25 GMT]


“We’re buying more gold than we’re selling now,” said Mark Williams, the owner of Farringdons, a jeweler in the Hatton Gardens gold district of London. “When there is an increase in the gold price, and when that gets reported, people go digging in their cupboards and drawers and bring out all the little items they don’t want, and they bring it to us.”

[2016-08-23   06:18 GMT]

 BOJ Governor Haruhiko Kuroda insists increased buying isn't intended to boost share prices and wouldn't warp the market

G-20 summit: China
[2016-08-23   06:15 GMT]

 China is throwing the world’s leaders a party, and oil bulls may be hit with the hangover.

The 'Italexit' might be on its way
[2016-08-23   06:10 GMT]


While it is possible to think of a Europe without the United Kingdom, it is difficult to conceive that the Euro in anything like its present form could possibly survive the departure of Italy, the Eurozone’s third largest member country.

OPEC has done it again
[2016-08-22   08:57 GMT]


‘Well-Timed’ OPEC Talk Forces Oil Bears Into Record Reversal

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