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ForexSurvivor Newsletter,
[2015-02-27   08:21 GMT]

Last 15 days of February were tensed in negotiations (Gr & Uk). First 15 Days of March would be tensed in trading. EURUSD Negative Monthly Close Fits PAR as Target (Within 24 hours, or days, or weeks). Currency War Joined by New Country: China. Crude Oil Close: Greenish Imposing Incomplete Top. AUDNZD Is Taking A Stance Shot Targeting PAR. Equities Will Face Reversal – Longs Positions in our Portfolio of $20M Would Be abandoned for the first in 5 Years to be Replaced by the Reversal Sign (4 Companies Were Saved by ForexSurvivor Method). Last, After completing 8% of $5M portfolio in February, we are looking to more than double the percentage in March to range between 17% & 20%, then to only 5% in April as of Eastern Holidays.

[2015-02-26   03:42 GMT]

Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen came under fire from Republican lawmakers who charged she had politicized the central bank, allegations she rejected in her most acrimonious congressional hearing in a year as Fed chief. 


Call a Spade a Spade,
[2015-02-25   05:03 GMT]


Downsloping Gold channel should fill the magenta distance basing at 1166 unless a daily close above the downsloping resistance trendline is welcomed above.

Crude Oil Caveat,
[2015-02-25   04:52 GMT]

We tried different form to come up with the next technical pattern, at no vain. Trying a bearish flag and the support is non-complete. Took a hint at the development of a wedge pattern, however, the dilemma is whether this wedge is a continuation of upside or downside trend is rather difficult to point at. Price pattern is being exchanged within the Ichimoku cloud adds value to the dilemma posture. Best is to pay attention to the blue line drawn on 4hr chart, believing that a bounce is not ruled out as long as no close below 48 is triggered. The downsloping trend line along with the support leaves no much room ahead of the next volatile move.

Butterflies in Stomach,
[2015-02-25   04:41 GMT]


GBPUSD is testing the 23% Fib line -of the crunchy wave that started at 17188- which happens to collide with MA100 at the reading of 15480.

No Worthy Comment,
[2015-02-25   04:32 GMT]

Testing 13 times, EURUSD wasn’t able to close below 11300 in February 2015 (up to this writing), and if contracting bollinger band is believed to be formed after a huge slump, the top is seen at 11450. It would a close beyond mentioned levels to have volatility risen for the next leg.

Yellen Herky Jerky Direction,
[2015-02-24   15:15 GMT]


FED STATEMENT AS WE INTERPRET IT: HAWK PEACEFULLY: THERE IS GOING TO BE RATE HIKE (next couple of meetings) as patient has been less used 

Tightening Forbearance Terms,
[2015-02-24   12:26 GMT]

FED Minutes in few words: Don’t Get Too Excited; I’m in no hurry to raise rate as patience achieves more than force. Or, FED can’t introvert patiently like a spider who weaves its broken web. Yellen semiannual testimony will freeze investors to listen carefully whether midyear sounds reasonable to abort the word patient or not. Her expected flexibility to the hawkish tone than previously ushered to is not ruled out. Stay tuned till ‘Patient’ is replaced.

Yen Latest Impact,
[2015-02-24   06:27 GMT]


Attached is GBPJPY trade,

Take it or leave it.

Out Of Ordinary,
[2015-02-24   06:21 GMT]

On 23 November 2013, we have released Crude Oil chart analyzing the consequences of Nuclear energy over oil and why our target is aimed at $50 rather than what the mass implies of $170 and above. Our punctual target was gratified by several Petroleum companies and in return gaining their portfolios. Such enormous grow permits us to send a warning again: the mass points to Crude Oil at $100 by year end, thus as a rule of thumb, we aim at one digit by year end to mid 2016.

This Day in History,
[2015-02-24   06:13 GMT]

(1821) Mexico gains independence from Spain,

(1912) Italy bombs Beirut in the first act of war against the Ottoman Empire, and

(1991) General Norman Schwarzkopf, commander of coalition army, sends in ground forces during the gulf wars

Do the Math,
[2015-02-24   06:05 GMT]

What happens with the CHF and its related instruments after the crush of currency to 30% in less than 15mn and to the false promise made by SNB Jordan that the peg line is not giving up?

Fundamentally, we call it legally looting. Technically, SMI Index retraced 76% and on the way to 100%, USDCHF retraced 61% and on the way to full retracement in the spring, GBPCHF retraced 76%, CHFJPY 61%, and EURCHF 50%. Retracement to over 50% with weekly close above has put the full retracement on screen very soon but no one is able to tarde them because, of looting, the margin is intricately high.

[2015-02-24   05:47 GMT]

Today, trading desks will have to deal with two hearts of a matter; the first heart is no further eloquent dealing with Greece list of reform which was supposed to be handled yesterday, but creditors seem postponing the acceptance again. Following all Greece events yesterday, the money supplied for 4 months is just a life line which is not a solution. There is no solution anymore for the Greek calendar as Wall Street & Germany are buying time before Greece exit materialized. THE INTERFAX OF FOREXSURVIVOR WAS LEAKED- WE NO LONGER BELIEVE GREECE IS IN EUROPE. AT FOREXSURVIVOR WE GUARANTEE THAT GREECE WILL LEAVE EUROZONE IN 2015, MOST PROBABLY SUMMER TIME OR SOONER. Jumping over to euro, it doesn’t sound anymore that there is a crash in euro but the long term downtrend is to gain smooth momentum once rally is terminated.

The second heart is the testimony of Fed Yellen which is rather going to swoop in the manner of a hawk rather than advocating peaceful preferences.

What’s today’s Stat?
[2015-02-24   05:35 GMT]


UK FTSE Surpassed 6900 for the first time since 2000, adding that 6850 was 2013 and 2014 resistance, tested 20 times.

Unspeakable Quotation,
[2015-02-24   05:31 GMT]

In the name of a luxurious point of view, in a fun moment, we are broadening the spectrum wisely to enjoy the capacity and capability of articulated thoughts with no intention of stirring up troubles, being granted solely as modern observations.

(UK) (1987) Margaret Thatcher: A world without nuclear weapons would be less stable and more dangerous for all of us.

EUR Caveat,
[2015-02-20   08:02 GMT]

The time is on its final squeeze to adopt a solution for Greece. Finance ministers can’t be out of their countries for ever. They have to go home in less than 48hr where a solution is filtered for the Greeks. Will Grexit apply? Will 6-month be granted ahead of Grexit? It doesn’t matter what trail the solution takes, it matters that Europe is collapsing and EURUSD will trade below 10800 in the coming week(s) no matter what the result is.

A win case and EURUSD ascends before it collapses. A lost case and EURUSD knows no rally, only crumbling.

Herky Jerky Direction,
[2015-02-19   08:33 GMT]

NZDUSD Under Investigation: 1. Will the rising wedge in NZDUSD test the support which is distanced at 90 pips, after being testing the psychological resistance at 7500 and the minor psychological resistance at 7550 for three days? 2. If the support is tested and triggers a close below the upsloping trendline of the wedge, will the kiwi keeps tumbling without testing the long term downsloping trendline at 7700/7750? In case the currency ignores the technical and fundamental terms, will then the kiwi have the right to go imminently to 7750 just because the dollar globally is posing its rally?

Under all these circumstances, the ideal case is to stand aside. Else, be an aggressive trader, sell at current price (7550) add @ 7600 targeting the base of the wedge 7470/7450, and maintain an exit once a close above 7610 is triggered or 100 pips stop from 2nd entry level.

ForexSurvivor Newsletter,
[2015-02-19   07:50 GMT]

EURUSD Double-Squeeze Suggests a Serious 300 pips EXIT; Crude Oil Destroys Long Term Trend; GBPUSD The Strongest Despite Rumors – The Close of Today is Essential for Next Leg; NZDUSD Top Incomplete; USDJPY Between Feasibility & Feeble – Bothe Ways Are Win-Win; Gold First Week of January Versus Last Week of February Fathoms Arc completion; AUDNZD Heading to Target (100 pips Loss in Trade 1; 250 pips Gain in Trade 2). Greece Will Be New Paradise No Matter How EU Screws Austerity Measure: It Got China Bail Out. Europe’s Problem Is Not Greece - It’s The Weapon Machine That Has Been Sold to Greece From France & Germany.

This Day in History,
[2015-02-19   07:32 GMT]


There is no history for this particular setting: ECB will release meeting minutes for the first time ever

Yellow Butterflies in Stomach
[2015-02-17   07:13 GMT]

What went up fast, is being taken down to 61% Fib line of the rally that started at 1166.18. Afterwards, gold lower lows along with the positive channel of the last 3 days in a bearish trend do inform that bottom is incomplete. If Greece really matters, shouldn’t gold be rallying or would it be left to seal a bullish gap? Technically & fundamentally and up to this minute, the bears outweigh the consequences much healthier. The indicators are eying the south perspective as long as no close above 1260 is triggered.

Herky Jerky Direction,
[2015-02-17   07:03 GMT]

FTSE 100 is having an obstacle breaking out to new high and above 6912 which may be termed as consolidation ahead of UK election in May, or could be a pause before the Greek storm that Europe leaders spell as insulated. Index graph suggests that no close below 6670 should be allowed to keep the bullish posture valid.

Economic Calendar
[2015-02-17   04:48 GMT]

From RBA minutes which suggests AUD rallies are sellable till no further cut announcement is stated, to UK CPI which is forecasted at 0.3% suggesting selling pound is imminent (<0.3%) and being helped by some technical perspectives that show a strong resistance at the top band of 15400, to end the mid day with German Zew forecasted at 56.2. Later on, the utmost is the dairy prices which will keep the pressure on AUDNZD towards 1.0220, and finalizing with BOJ statement eying the stimulus program deadline, if any, to boost the yen.

Yen-nish Moment,
[2015-02-16   07:47 GMT]


Between USDJPY pull back & GBPJPY inability to break the downsloping trend line, false break or false pull out has been materialised.

Greece Razor Sharp Analysis,
[2015-02-16   07:32 GMT]

Hundreds of thousands are taken to Athens streets daily as Greek nation has had enough of that suicide measure. The new government has promised to re-negotiate and restructure the unsustainable troika loans which, on one hand is progressing, and on the other hand, it is not. Not Greece, but Europe is in great difficulty if Greek exit is implemented; it will be joined by Cyprus as those bi-country are interrelated by culture, language, & history. German ex-finance minister Schaeuble is skeptical that Greece solution would be reached today. French finance minister Sapin depicts the ‘write off’ as the worst case message.

What had happen to the billions borrowed since Greece crisis started? Greece was number five (now 10th) in the world in importing weapons mainly from GERMANY & FRANCE, the real economic calculation is complex as Gr. military expenses are the highest in Europe contributing to spending 7% of its GDP on defense while its peers barely reach the 2%. Those two countries – Germany & France – hold the largest share of Greek debt.

What do we expect?

  1. Greece to exit along with Cyprus – no matter how they play with the time factor.
  2. Greece to Leave NATO and Join BRICS
  3. Once Greece & Cyprus are off Europe map, Russia will hold both of them financially and military. (Already, Russia base is being built in Cyprus and Athens grand European port is being refurnished by China).
  4. EURO won’t shock the market as many claim even if EURUSD reaches parity this month or next year; the Euro is not the Swiss as the facility to corrupt one nation is easy but impossible to do the same for 19-nations.
Political File: Russia Weathers Peacefully,
[2015-02-16   06:54 GMT]

Every Russia-hater expected Russia banks to be suffocated and dismantled as oil prices were avalanched for that purpose despite alleged claims differently, and a helping factor for further deterioration is the concept of ruble that printed a loss of more than 60% up to date.

Russia, however, is weathering among the old, routine, custom-made crisis by developing its own modus operandi since EX KGB Putin was preparing himself for a second term, that is since day one he stepped down off his first Presidential seat.

The expenses of the energy sector in Russia use Ruble as it had pegged itself from dollar denomination years ago. Second, in order to curb a fall out, when oil prices took the south route, producers tax rate followed, meaning tax burden is boxed by the state.

Those two factors are the pillar for Russia that will know no banking crisis, unlike Ukraine, where banks started to fall like dominoes. Because of the fall of oil, international companies are cutting production while Russia is seen having a higher target of produce than currently produced.

Last, Russia won’t crumble because the resistance strategy among China, Iran, Russia, & Syria is knotted. During Syria crisis, Iran (the pretext sanctioned country) bails out Syrian banks and during Russia crisis, if needed, China to bail out x-times Russia’s debt, not forgetting the buyer of US debt is named: China.

Unspeakable Quotation,
[2015-02-13   09:32 GMT]

In the name of a luxurious point of view, in a fun moment, we are broadening the spectrum wisely to enjoy the capacity and capability of articulated thoughts with no intention of stirring up troubles, being granted solely as modern observations.

(Ger) (2010) Chancellor Angela Merkel: Nobody in Europe will be abandoned. Nobody in Europe will be excluded. Europe only succeeds if we work together

ForexSurvivor Newsletter,
[2015-02-13   06:18 GMT]

Depth Analysis of GBP Crosses & Signals for Euro Crosses: GBPCAD, EURCAD, GBPNZD, EURNZD, GBPAUD, & EURAUD. Between G20 (No Grexit) & Russia Dovish Posture, Market’s Volatility Didn’t Spike Out of Whack. Tracking US Unit Against Six Rivals, A Temporary Rally Pause. Gold Futures Ducked Into Red Territory. Crude Oil Holding Yearly Fibonnaci. Time Ticking to Clobber the NIKKEI.

BOE: What a gross oxymoron!
[2015-02-12   11:05 GMT]

Hawkish today, may not last. BOE Inflation is low without explanation & sees inflation strengthening by end 2015. Central bank to look through the effects of falling oil price, signaling that interest rate may be raised sooner than anticipated.

It was in July 2007 when BOE raised last time the benchmark. Spring might call for a negative inflation rate (inflation rate below 0%) bringing the definition to DEFLATION.

The question that comes to the front: Inflation near to below 0%, then what sort of shocks BOE is expected to risk the economy to levy rate sooner than anticipated?

Before UK election, Carney sealed the last inflation report today.

Broker Caveat: No Exotic
[2015-02-12   06:52 GMT]

FXCM will discontinue trading on 13 exotic currency pairs on Friday, February 20, 2015.

Traders are asked to refrain from opening new positions on these instruments. Existing positions will automatically be liquidated prior to trading close on Friday, February 20th for the discontinued currency pairs.

FXCM will be raising the minimum margin requirement to 10% for all HUF pairs on Friday, 20 February 2015. Clients are advised to manage positions accordingly.

Latest Impact: It's Bad in Australia,
[2015-02-12   04:32 GMT]

     Unemployment in Australia shaped into spike to 13 years level creating a havoc for the Australian dollar that sank to almost 6 years low and which apparently is heading to achieve Steven’s target (.75) ahead of Abott's resignation, eyeing in weeks according to experts. The bad job report has cancelled our AUDUSD trade which is needed a close above 7850 to trigger a sky target and that didn’t materialize (see: Simple Chart Foundations box)

Call a Spade a Spade,
[2015-02-11   07:57 GMT]

EURJPY flirts with 13488 resistance that was developed and tested in the 2nd half of January (green rectangles). The arrows point to the ‘briefly test’ as yen market wasn’t able to lock a close above the resistance, except in the last arrow yesterday.

You may go for long testing the upsloping trendline @ 13600 once you can afford an exit if a close below the support 13488 is triggered; the you is settled by definition for aggressive traders as Greek & G20 are on screen heavily. Non-aggressive may stand aside till a better opportunity is pronounced.

AUD Caveat,
[2015-02-10   09:45 GMT]

(CNBC) report says that Australia’s prime minister survived a crucial leadership challenge on Monday, but that doesn’t mean he’ll remain in power for much longer.

Experts say that Abott may abandon position in less than 3 months.

Traders be careful with AUD signals, be it based or counter trade. You have just been warned!


No Worthy Comment,
[2015-02-10   08:34 GMT]

GBPUSD Chart weekly downsloping trendline of 13% speaks by itself.

(We believe it will be broken this week, others lay down the break ahead of UK election)

USDJPY Butterflies in Stomach,
[2015-02-10   08:27 GMT]

Last year, the dollar yen formed a triangle upon the correction of 50% that lasted 7 months before trading it based on Yen QE. In 2015, the downsloping triangle that has being developed so far in 2 months plus is steeper, an indication that the probability for the support 11550 to hold, if visited, is very low. If broken, next support comes at reading 11200, near 61% of October 2013 rally dot.

Right now, the pair is flirting with the resistance at 11900/11875. A close above will push the dollar up to the sky but for a limited period of time. We believe range about to stay for a while till G20 is over along with the Greek Grexit scenario. Stay Tuned!

Unspeakable Quotation,
[2015-02-06   11:01 GMT]

In the name of a luxurious point of view, in a fun moment, we are broadening the spectrum wisely to enjoy the capacity and capability of articulated thoughts with no intention of stirring up troubles, being granted solely as modern observations.

(Ger) Albert Einstein: “ The world will not be destroyed by those who do the devil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.”

What’s today’s Stat?
[2015-02-06   08:52 GMT]


The 17% Brent rally is the longest 2-week fly since 1998

ForexSurvivor Newsletter,
[2015-02-06   07:17 GMT]

Remarkable GBPUSD Trend Line – Never Seen Before Ahead of UK Election! Oil Rallied, True, But Also Re-Tumbled in the form of Retracement 61% Fib; Top Incomplete Till Next Round Figure. Everything is Temporary in Helping the Greek Market – A Bankrupted Europe Can’t Help a Bankrupted Country! US Employment Rate is a Big Lie. The Ascending Triangle in a Sterling Cross Declares Serious Break Out. Cutting Australian Growth Rate Implies a Major Sellable Rally Ahead.

Equity Caveat,
[2015-02-06   06:46 GMT]

     Because the system is now more leveraged than ever before in history, “volatility” will spawn more volatility. Trading volume in the US equity markets graphs the longest contraction, putting our waves on a bearish table, between  imminently and at the start of next week. The Shanghai composite index already started longest bearish wave for the last 24 months. Are your instruments in the greenish farm? Be wary. You have just been warned!

Tightening the Terms,
[2015-02-05   04:26 GMT]

What was happening tonight? Nothing unusual. Traders were called back to their desks as ECB re-toughens its stance against Greece’s banks. ELA, Emergency Liquidity Assistance, will no longer be provided by ECB putting pressures on Greece Central Bank to furnish ELA, an amount that Greece will ill-afford

Greece massive debt is close to twice the size of GDP. ECB flexed its muscles to pull liquidity out of Greece. The country is under tag-o-war fearing that customers may plunder their banking accounts, plunging the country into chaos. Coup d'état seems likely. Grexit will apply in less than 30 days and the return to the drachmas is sealed. Then Greece exits NATO to join the BRICS. If the mentioned scenario sees the light, other European nations will wagon on the same rail.

One winner: It is either Germany or Greece.

Unspeakable Quotation,
[2015-02-04   12:37 GMT]

In the name of a luxurious point of view, in a fun moment, we are broadening the spectrum wisely to enjoy the capacity and capability of articulated thoughts with no intention of stirring up troubles, being granted solely as modern observations.

(UK) Charlie Chaplin: “You need power, only when you want to do something harmful. Otherwise love is enough to get everything done.”

Another CB Easing Measure,
[2015-02-04   12:32 GMT]

Slackening Chinese economic growth created an already expected move to lower today RRR (Reserve requirement ratio) by 50 bps, a requirement to force banks to owe less cash. Such policy easing is a start for further cuts in the future as growth reached almost 24 years low, 7.4% in 2014.

No growth, no commodities in demand and neither energy. Therefore, don't fly far as lower prices surely will be rescheduled.

The Only Trade of the Month,
[2015-02-04   06:56 GMT]

Between 15 and 25 Jan, GBPJPY clearly identified Head and Shoulder pattern, neck-lined at 17550. Yesterday, the market tested that neckline and bounced little shy of 17930, the resistance downsloping trend line since 20 Jan.

Sellers may jump in at 17930, adding the top of the neckline at 18025, targeting south again as long as no close above the neckline is triggered.

The second chart depicts the correlation between GBPJPY and crude oil (Greenish line). An interesting theme is penciled as crude oil looks pretty correlated with GBPJPY, particularly during the Head and Shoulder pattern formation. Yesterday, crude oil printed a bullish wave, breaking the downsloping resistance trendline of GBPJPY and stalled at 180; despite the fact that oil upping doesn’t seem ending yet, favoring a bullish stance in the cross is our priority to translate the break out by oil versus the cross between 17940 and 18000.

Long at current market, adding 17700, targeting 18000. A close below the neckline negates the bullish stance.

Unspeakable Quotation,
[2015-02-03   07:36 GMT]

In the name of a luxurious point of view, in a fun moment, we are broadening the spectrum wisely to enjoy the capacity and capability of articulated thoughts with no intention of stirring up troubles, being granted solely as modern observations.

(US) Ex-President Ronald Reagan: “If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth.”

Do the Math,
[2015-02-03   07:29 GMT]

Introducing the budget plan in the US has fallen into the trap of WWI death tax rate. While Sweden has abolished such death tax rate, Obama just launched it. How does it work?

Suppose your father bought a house at 100,000. After few decades, you inherited it at the market value of $200,000 and you sell it for $250,000.

Reasonably, you gained 50K and should be taxed accordingly. Under the new death tax rate, Obama taxes you from the day you inherited that asset at the price of $250k. Therefore, you, and your father are double paying the taxes. This is the way how the so-called tax death rate is simplified.

Razor Sharp Analysis: Oil First Time,
[2015-02-03   06:49 GMT]

As President of the United States left Saudi Arabia the previous week for the purpose of paying respect to the royal family and not for oil’s round-table discussion, the strategical instrument locked above MA20 for the 1st time since October and sheltered for the 1st time since mid December a 2-day consecutive gain. If the SUPPLY GLUT story is so true, why the heck the price jumped $6 and ready to double that jump?

If you believe that Saudi experts take the pyramid decision for oil production and distribution globally and not the seven US bases in Saudi, it is like believing that the US is dragging the world to thermonuclear war and not Great Britain. Oh! By the way, be minded, the largest hedge funder are found in England, not in the US. Money talks, if you mind!

RBA: No Crying Wolf,
[2015-02-03   04:36 GMT]

As highly expected, at least by ForexSurvivor, RBA did cut rate and AUDUSD tumbles 1.7% to 7660, a sell off trigger of a 6-year old low. RBA joins the dozen central banks in easing policies as the 25 bps cut to 2.25% is excused within the parameters of lower growth, has surprised economists. And pundits are currently having their eyebrows lifted as monthly MA200, which had plenty of their narrative stories to hold, jolted down, specifically as ForexSurvivor put it yesterday – rubbish (all respect).

US Budget Plan Released,
[2015-02-02   16:56 GMT]

US President just released a $4T budget plan for fiscal 2016 while White house projects GDP expansion to 3% rate in 2015/16. A ‘CRITICAL ERROR’ IF BUDGET INVESTMENTS NOT PASSED, says the President. Again, and again, Pentagon budget is jumping to $534, a boost of $34B, bringing the oldie notion ‘sequestration’ to an end. As you know, when Pentagon budget is increasing, world terror increases. We believe that the budget plan will be passed to target the middle class.

Unspeakable Quotation,
[2015-02-02   15:59 GMT]

In the name of a luxurious point of view, in a fun moment, we are broadening the spectrum wisely to enjoy the capacity and capability of articulated thoughts with no intention of stirring up troubles, being granted solely as modern observations.

(Urugway) World’s most humble President -Jose ‘Pepe’ Mujica: “I’m not the poorest President. The poorest is the one who needs a lot to live.”

RBA Herky-Jerky Direction,
[2015-02-02   14:13 GMT]

A dozen of central banks have eased policy so far in 2015. Will Australia, Norway, or Sweden be next? When Bank of Canada cut its rate, it went unnoticed. Will RBA cut interest rate? Highly expected: Yea. The iron ore and copper curves, which are noticed by few to use for thermometer growth echelon, are sufficient to offer otherwise.

Whatever the decision is, we can’t deny that dollar is set for a pause, therefore a rally is expected to confront the psycho level 80 and little bit above. Not necessarily tonight, but highly expected that would be the surprise where the price goes against the decision. Pundits point to Monthly Support MA 200 near 7780, but the currency war along with incomplete break-down waves of iron ore, copper, and oil, the monthly support is not more than a text to write few rubbish blogs (all respect). If we buy, 7670 might prompt sell off, and if we don’t buy, the high to sell would be fallen under a better approach. Let’s wait! In the end, no one needs a second disappointment as SNB Jordan solid promises that turned to be an excellent lie.

Butterflies in Stomach,
[2015-02-02   13:50 GMT]

Crude Oil has gained so far $6/bbl since the moment the President of the United States left Saudi Arabia last week under the pretext of paying respect to Royal’s family. Why would POTUS visit Saudi Arabia twice a year in just 6 months, while he didn’t join ‘jesuischarlie’ French Day? It is all about Russia. The loss in crude oil was said to be aimed at Russia’s strategical annexation of Crimea, irrelevant of supply glut, to devalue its Ruble. Charting both and you come up with the perfect correlation. Has the United States come to a peaceful agreement with Russia? We can’t see that at all, not in the near term, and not before Ukraine is flattened ‘Gazanian’ destruction. Therefore, a rally seems pretty good to adjust positions for sellers, for a new aggressive selloff, however, be minded, topping is not over yet. Stay tuned!

The Extreme,
[2015-02-02   13:42 GMT]

Currency War has no longer a meaning if Russian strategic bomber carries nuclear missile was intercepted over UK Channel, while in Dubai the 0.5 miles tallest building in the world Burj Khalifa seen, by assumption, on fire as false alarm sounds while it is surrounded by clouds and fogs. However, only terror followers describe the scene as ‘suicide attack,’ add to the list of coming wars the 10,000 Ukrainian Soldiers which are surrounded by ‘rebels’ or by Russia forces, name it in whatever you were brain washed with, and last the tensed Israeli borders that is escalating Resistances’ attacks. Combining the whole, a false alarm would be wobbled if you call February (from mid) a pleasant month.

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