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ForexSurvivor Newsletter,
[2014-10-24   09:20 GMT]

To Start With, Week Was Boring. Few Ups & Few Downs Regarding Commodity Prices. The Range Developed this Week Would Be Out busted Next Week. Gold Is Not Shining Anymore & India Wedding Season Didn’t Drive it Upwards Much – Preparing the Next Fall. Crude Oil Keeps Plummeting & Will Stay that Way As Nuclear Determines the Trough of Oil (Iran +US): It is No Longer Saudi Arabia. Dollar Index Needs A Close Today Above 8620 To confirm Next Euro Leg is Weakening. $5M Portfolio Signals: USDJPY in perfect touch with our target at 10810 after it subdued a light loss of $22K, regaining a total of $84K. Gold punched our target at 1247 generating $133K, & CAD still on hold. The account has driven 175% this year beyond expectation, which was set at less than double by tiny notch. For the next two weeks, the department of $5M portfolio & above would be closed for “Spain Vacation.”

GBPCHF Channel,
[2014-10-24   09:06 GMT]

The V-shape since it bottomed at 14980 along with a rising channel that started on 21 Oct suggest that the cross top would be squeezed further towards 15400.
The current price 15280 & near 15220 are assigned to those whose north visions is similar to us, while the exit scenario would be punched upon a close below 15190
Wish you Good Sterli*zation  Luck!

[2014-10-24   09:04 GMT]

As equities approach resistances after sharp bounces in the form of correcting the correction, USDJPY rally shows fatigue as long as it stays below 10850. Selling current level (10790) plus any blip towards 10830 would be a good option targeting 10720
Wish you Good Yen*zation  Luck!

EURUSD High Incomplete,
[2014-10-22   08:51 GMT]

EURUSD falls under Higher highs & higher lows pattern, within the following conditions:
Every time stochastic turns to south and price closes below MA200, rally occurs.
First time, rally recorded 100pips; 2nd time 200pips; I won’t go for 400pips the 3rd time, but the end of yellow upsloping trendline reads today 13010 (till we reach there, it would end at 13062).
The exit scenario happens when the higher lows break down.
Wish you Good Euro*zation  Luck!

EURNZD Goes Nowhere,
[2014-10-21   09:21 GMT]

Last month, the cross developed a strong bullish wave yet came to a sudden halt as its DRSI hit the ceiling above 70%. The inability to close above the previous highs between April and May by the end of September has given permission for the indicator to unwind peacefully (dragging it to below 50) through a congestion of same ups and downs since the start of October. Fibonacci speaking, such congestion is digested between 23 and 50% of the rally that started last month.
It looks like Fibo 50% is holding but the end point of the DRSI which slopes downwards and below 50 diverts the concept. Accordingly, a sell trigger is preferable.
Sell current price 16040,
Add on a rally near 16300
Target 15900
Exit if a close above 16300 is triggered.

Wish you Good Euro*zation  Luck!

[2014-10-20   07:45 GMT]

The start of the month has recorded a rebound in EURCAD lasted till psycho resistance at 14500. The 4hr chart depicted 2 dojis below that resistance, a spike seen afterwards & having no close above those two dojis, the market started to back off, ending the week on a close below the 23% Fib level of the wave that started at 14011.
Those combined negatives tactics should let us adjourn to test the support of the month at the reading of 14220 or slightly higher the DMA20 @ 14260.
Selling the opening of the week along with any rally near 14470 would be implemented as long as the risk scenario is respected once a close above last week’s high is triggered.
Wish you Good Euro*zation  Luck!

EURUSD, Up or Down?
[2014-10-20   07:44 GMT]

All in all, the currency stays within long severe bearish wave that started from 14000 and has no idea how to built a base for the next bi-quarter. The recent light uptrend is about to end and fresh lows would be on the mark again in the next few days.
Today, if the no-special indicators are to take their stories, the market  enters Europe session with oversold activities while being supported by MA100 hourly chart (12730)  and the recent upsloping trendline of this month @ the reading of 12675.
Going Long? A close below 12675 will negate the wish that should target 12935.
Wish you Good Euro*zation  Luck!

Simple Chart Foundations (Update),
[2014-10-20   07:44 GMT]

GBPUSD: Target Achieved
Dow Jones: Target Achieved
Crude Oil: Failed
EURCHF: Nothing Done Yet

[2014-10-17   08:21 GMT]

The market U-turned yesterday to end the candle in the form of doji at the support line that connects the lows of Feb & Aug. If, by definition, such pattern is to let the oversold indicators unwind by the plummet that started at 14130, then a rebound should be permissible.
The current price 13600, along with a dip near 13520/35 are the entries targeting 13730. A close below yesterday’s low negates the pose.
Wish you Good Euro*zation  Luck!

ForexSurvivor Newsletter
[2014-10-17   08:20 GMT]

Have You Ever Ridden a Roller Coasters? That’s The Best Definition We Could Give This Week to Commodity Currencies – Find Out the Details of the Craziness.  Equities May Pose Its Week This Rally as US Data Did Not Do Any Harm. EU Energy Sector Under Threat As Putin Threats Are Taking Seriously. CADJPY, EURCAD, & USDCAD Doing the Extremes As Oil Plummets Siding Worries To Canada Exports. Signals: Crude Oil Perfected Our Signals on $5M Portfolio in Both Directions in Just One Week: $5 down and $5 Up contributing to a total of $175,000, while UK Oil Subdued barely $100K & AUDJPY $45K. & still Holding the trend of  Gold & CAD. The Loss of the Week Was Recorded on USDJPY @$15k where 38% Fib Line Didn’t Hold But Re-bought on Previous Resistance 10550 functioning over $22K so far.

[2014-10-15   08:50 GMT]

If the cross started its descent by ceiling a double top, patterned a downsloping trend that lasted 2 months, then built an upward channel that came to halt at 61% Fib of that downsloping trend, wouldn’t a break below that channel wave an equidistant trend measuring 1.2 – the pegging line by SNB?
Wish you Good Swiss*zation  Luck!

GBPUSD Head & Shoulder,
[2014-10-14   14:40 GMT]

Once sterling closes below mini psychological level @15950 vs. the dollar, a head & shoulder pattern becomes recognizable as per se targeting 15785.
The opening of the day below 15950 plus an abrupt rally towards 16110/16060 are the owner of the sell trigger. A close above the downsloping trendline since July will negate the pattern (TL reads today 16250).
Wish you Good Sterling*zation  Luck!

DOW Jones Re-Reversal Course,
[2014-10-10   09:09 GMT]

In one of few occasions in life, a reversal has confronted another reversal in just 24hr. The chart has depicted simultaneously twice an outside bar , thus a negative implication is solidly taking course. Not mentioning that the last stay was back below MA55 (@ the reading of 16920), sloping at a sleepiest angle in the stochastic pattern below zero within a rising bearish wedge, all in all to suggest that the south is invariable till meeting August low. Despite the fact that the upsloping trendline (violet) is not broken and is near a test, we recommend selling today’s opening along with any rally below 16820. The risk scenario would be taken once a close above this month’s high is triggered.

DOW Jones Reversed Course,
[2014-10-09   14:42 GMT]

All Tuesday’s losses were erased when dovish statement of the FED hinted for grounding Interest rate further near zero. The bullish flames will spread further towards the next mountain at level 17150, that is 150 points from current price. This help in the next upping comes from the recent rally of the stock-index futures. Close below yesterday’s low clears the bull’s dust & flame off.

Dollar Index FED Fear,
[2014-10-09   14:41 GMT]

What did the dovish FED imply yesterday? Dollar is strong and that is a fear!
Let’s go back to 2000? The rate of exchange was reading 121 via 85 today. Let’s go back even to 1985, the exchange was reading 160 via 85 today. If the FED really implies that there is fear the dollar index is strong, then wouldn’t the economic recovery that they boast around is nothing but false alarm?
Connecting the weekly dots between year 1985 and 2000, the price line reads the psycho level 9000. We are heading there despite the dovish FED. A close below 7700 negates the current strength.
Wish you Good Dollar*ization  Luck!

Recession Fear,
[2014-10-08   11:15 GMT]

In Germany, recession fear weighs heavily where DAX plummeted to below 9000 for the first time in 2 months. Such fear will stay within current version articulation August low as target @ 8898. The set up of entries are circulated between 9075 and 9130. The crowd will stay focusing south as long as no close above yesterday high (9185) is triggered. 

CADJPY Low Incomplete,
[2014-10-08   11:14 GMT]

The cross tumbled 100 pips ignoring all supports and closed lower than previous week and just ahead of ex-resistance at 9620, the high of July.
The pressure will persist to test that ex as long as no close above yesterday high is triggered. The current price (9680) and 9750 are set for entry point.
Wish you Good Loonie  Luck!

GBPUSD, Bullish Divergence
[2014-10-07   13:21 GMT]

The daily RSI is showing a bullish divergence where prices are falling to a new low but the indicator is marking a higher high, an indication that buyers have a new opportunity.
However, one should question RSI mass vocabulary by every trader today: is that RSI sufficient to go long? Not sure as the battle is not given up even if the start of the week shows the currency in upping mode (China banking was Off yesterday and is today).
Jumping over to short term scale, 16085 & 16170 remain sellable targeting 16000 & 15900 as long as no close above 16170 is triggered
Wish you Good Pound*ing  Luck!

USDJPY On The Run,
[2014-10-03   08:00 GMT]

Today’s NFP release, if proven solid, then second 110 test should materialize.  The bi-figure losses after beaten psychological level 110 by 10 pips is pretty normal as there are always some surprises with a psycho number in general.
Up to this moment the dollar upping is only 0.3% when 10870 is printed and quietly it has distanced itself from 110. It is only a matter of few sessions before we see yen weakening on the loose again. We believe in the saga “Give us a stronger than forecasted NFP and we are ready for a buy-back.”
Fundamentally, Hong Kong is resuming trading after 2days off as ‘democracy’ is on the call again by protesters and that will print a support on USDJPY recent descending wave.
 Aggressive traders hold on to Longs, buy on fresh lows, target 110. Exit if a close<10760 is triggered.
Wish you Good Yen*ish  Luck!

Proud To Retake,
[2014-10-01   11:17 GMT]

We are proud to have retaken a trading company in September 2011, which had cut jobs by 70% as its profit slid to $20M in 2011 Q2. After two years, we announce that this company plans to re-hire as of January 2015 after ForexSurvivor survived its losses  activities.
We would leave it to the company to disclose its name and our help in the matter.
Anthony Samaha

Risk Disclosure
[2006-12-01   08:24 GMT]

Risk Disclosure: Trading Futures, Forex, and Options on Futures carries a high level of Risk, and may not be suitable for all Investors. An Investor could potentially lose all, or more than the initial Investment. Risk Capital are funds that can be lost without changing your financial security, or lifestyle. Only Risk Capital should be used for trading. You should ensure you understand all of the risks.

What is ForexSurvivor?

ForexSurvivor is a dynamic trading system that avoids all market noises and trades all instruments including currencies, commodities and equities. This program is neither a trend-following nor a counter-trend system but a combination of both. ForexSurvivor was created early in 2000 and after eighteen months of rigorous testing, ForexSurvivor Partners decided to start live trading, since the system was out-performing most of the existing FX benchmarks.

ForexSurvivor offers a Complete Solution to Successful Trading By

  • Providing accurate signals that give positive trades
  • Providing advice and recommendations to convert clients' current losing trades into winning trades
  • Restoring clients’ diminished account balances to their original opening balance

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