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ForexSurvivor portfolio
[2016-10-23   10:38 GMT]

ForexSurvivor portfolio [trades currencies with spread less than six pips, indexes, crude oil, natural gas, commodities be it gold and silver] has its achievements soared beyond target. At the begining of the year, we aimed at 50% for year 2016. Today, despite Brexit, our portfolio has achieved 200%, 150% beyond target.

You are welcome to ask for the real statement by the end of the year.

Sterling A La Soros Style,
[2016-10-07   05:27 GMT]

No much to ink about sterling crash today versus the dollar, hoping you listened to what was printed on [2016-10-04   07:46 GMT] [Pound Tumbles, Where to] which identified GBPUSD target at 1.2500, and the identification of a “blow up” of 600 pips and the “take it or leave it” graphs of 15 and 20 September respectively, all indicated that GBPUSD abyss is profound. Mission Accomplished If you had take it pocketing almost 600 pips. Enjoy A Lovely Weekend!

Yen Cloud Matters
[2016-10-06   07:07 GMT]

It is not easy to be traced above the cloud for the first time this year especially in the final quarter of the year. Bullish enforced!

The Gold In Yen,
[2016-10-05   07:39 GMT]

Take it or Leave it!

The Slide of Gold,
[2016-10-05   04:22 GMT]

The dramatic collapse in Gold in the form of retreat the last 24hr comes as markets were rattled by a media report flagging the possible withdrawal of the European Central Bank’s bond buying program. Bloomberg reported on Tuesday that the European Central Bank (ECB) would probably wind down its 80 billion euro ($90 billion) monthly bond purchases gradually before ending its quantitative easing program.

Gold XAU= plunged 3.3 percent on Tuesday, its biggest tumble since January 2015. It recovered some of those losses but it should test 1250 before it recovers to 1285/1300 for the preparation to the next tumble towards 1210

Sterling Show is Adamant,
[2016-10-05   04:05 GMT]

Soros! Soros!Soros! Do you recall what the globalist Soros said ahead of Brexit ref #sterling versus U.S. dollar #GBPUSD? Well, don’t trade then against his will. Sterling triggered yesterday a 31-year old low, hitting its weakest since mid-1985, an indication that the abyss has no borders for the next avalanche.

 Prime Minister Theresa May is digging into that hole even deeper as concerns over Britain’s separation from the European Union were compounded by renewed strength of the greenback on a recent string of better-than-expected economic data.

On Wall Street traders withdrew from interest-rate-sensitive stocks as recent U.S. data including a strengthening manufacturing sector and upward revision to second-quarter gross domestic product has boosted bets of a rate hike by the Federal Reserve before the year ends. Traders now see above-even chances of a rate increase in December.

Pound Tumbles, Where to?
[2016-10-04   07:46 GMT]

The pound dropped to a three-decade low, as investor concern about Britain’s exit from the European Union welled up after Prime Minister Theresa May’s announcement that she would begin the process of leaving the bloc in the first quarter of 2017.

Sterling fell beyond its post-Brexit-vote low, and was down against 29 of its 31 major peers. During the first day of the Conservative Party’s annual conference in Birmingham on Sunday, May promised to curb immigration and set a date for Britain to trigger Article 50, which starts a two-year withdrawal process.

Let Go to 1.25 and don't ignore neither forget what Soros said: Brace for 1.15

Dollar Directionless,
[2016-10-03   07:09 GMT]

EURUSD punched an interesting false break at double 76% retracement. A close below Friday’s low negates a continuation rally towards the resistance downsloping trend line.

Asia Progress: The Made in China
[2016-10-03   06:44 GMT]

The start of Q4 2016 will be different as #Yuan entered into International Monetary Fund and joined dollar, euro, pound, and the yen to become an IMF Reserve Currency. The Yuan’s addition is the first change to the SDR basket since 1999, when the euro replaced the deutsche mark and the French franc. Inclusion could be a catalyst for central banks and sovereign wealth funds to shift funds into the Yuan.

ForexSurvivor Target,
[2016-09-30   08:32 GMT]

How much has ForexSurvivor Fund attained for Year 2016 so far- Despite Brexit Month & August as vacation?

  • 30%
  • 50%
  • 75%
  • 100%
  • 150%
  • 200%


Send an email to so You’ll have the right to contact to provide you with live access to watch the trade and the result by the end of the year.

#DeutcheBank Beneficiary,
[2016-09-30   08:19 GMT]

The shares dropped as much as 8 percent and were down 7.1 percent at 10.10 euros at 9:04 a.m. in Frankfurt, a record low

#Gold & the #Dollar will benefit from the collapsing trend of Deutche Bank while US stock futures are about to trigger more supports than resistances as Bloomberg reported that 10 Hedge Funds reduce their exposure.

The funds, a small subset of the more than 800 clients in the bank’s hedge fund business, have moved part of their listed derivatives holdings to other firms this week, according to an internal bank document seen by Bloomberg News. Among them are Izzy Englander’s $34 billion Millennium Partners, Chris Rokos’s $4 billion Rokos Capital Management, and the $14 billion Capula Investment Management

Deutsche Bank’s stock and debt have been under pressure after the U.S. Justice Department this month demanded Deutche Bank to set aside $14 billion for penalties related to the conduct of its MBS business in the lead up to the 2008-9 financial crisis residential mortgage-backed securities. The bank has said it expects to negotiate that lower, as other Wall Street banks have.

Gold Prices May Rise on DeutcheBank Woes
[2016-09-30   07:52 GMT]

Deutsche Bank AG clients, among them several big and influential hedge funds, have moved to pull billions of dollars from the bank amid concerns about its stability and their exposure

Asia Refiners Are Squeezed,
[2016-09-30   07:50 GMT]

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries on Sept. 28 agreed to its first production cut in eight years, trying to support oil prices that are still down more than 50 percent from the highs of 2014.

Pricier crude will be passed on to consumers in the form of more expensive gasoline, diesel and jet fuel, and that will dampen demand growth, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. analysts including Nikhil Bhandari wrote in a Sept. 30 research note.

“Good times for Asian buyers are long over since earlier this year and this OPEC decision is exacerbating the bad news,” said Wang Pei, a trading analyst at Unipec, the trading arm of Asia’s largest refiner, China Petroleum & Chemical Corp. “An OPEC deal will be bullish” for Dubai crude prices, “which is bearish for refiners,” she said. Doubts remain about whether OPEC accord will actually be implemented.

OPEC members may reverse discounts they have been offering as they fought to maintain market share in the region that buys the most oil in the world, Goldman’s Bhandari said in the report. Saudi Arabia offered a discount of $1.10 a barrel for its Arab Light crude to Asian buyers in September, compared with a premium of $3.75 in January 2014 before prices started to crash. Iran’s benchmark light oil, which was at a $3.96 premium in January 2014, was at an 85 cent discount this month.

“In the event an OPEC production cut materializes, we think it could be negative for Asian refiners due to the potential reversal of crude discounts they enjoyed as OPEC producers fought for market share,” Bhandari wrote. “Higher oil prices eventually put sustained pressure on product demand while costs to run the refinery escalate.”

“The 100-yen level is psychologically important.”
[2016-09-30   07:43 GMT]

The yen’s strongest rally in eight years is running into a psychological barrier at 100.

Japan’s currency has appreciated to within 0.1 percent of 100 three times since it last traded stronger than that level five weeks ago, and each time it has retreated.  The yen’s failure to breach the threshold comes even after the Bank of Japan backed away from deepening its negative interest rates, a decision that would have been expected to bolster the currency. The yen’s halt is reminiscent of recent pullbacks that followed rapid gains in the currency.

Japan has been put on a watch list by the U.S. Treasury Department for possible currency manipulation, meaning it cannot overtly influence the level of the yen without being subject to possible penalties. The Bank of Japan appears to have lost its ability to influence the currency as it has strengthened 18 percent this year even as policy makers maintained record stimulus.

The yen failed to breach 100 per dollar last week even as it rallied following decisions taken at meetings of the Bank of Japan and Federal Reserve, which were were seen as bullish for the Japanese currency.

OPEC Trust With No Trust Between Parties
[2016-09-29   05:24 GMT]

Before you trust OPEC, has a trust been built between Saudi Arabia & Iran? Yes, is absolutely a joke. The support that oil price is getting will be short-lived. Don’t dream on a major bounce as the low is unconditionally incomplete.

ForexSurvivor Target
[2016-09-28   05:41 GMT]

How much has ForexSurvivor FOREX Fund attained for Year 2016 so far- Despite Brexit Month & August as vacation?

  • 30%
  • 50%
  • 75%
  • 100%
  • 150%
  • 200%

Send your answer to and you will have the right to gain access to watch live the trades for 15 days in December 2016, and see the full statement for year 2016 live.

Five Things to Watch
[2016-09-28   05:20 GMT]

Fed chairwoman likely to be quizzed on changes to stress testing, Wells Fargo scandal and the monetary policy where The Fed chief made clear she was ready for a bump up in borrowing costs, saying the case for a rate increase “has strengthened.”



[2016-09-27   07:19 GMT]

The number of ups fit the number of downs ahead of resistance downsloping trendline.

Let a close materialize above the resistance and the bears to be on concern

US Debate
[2016-09-27   03:48 GMT]

Greenish Asia / US equities futures say Clinton won the debate (FOR NOW)

Signaling the Extreme,
[2016-09-22   07:49 GMT]

U.S. dollar is the loser after Fed's decision to hold rates – just think of the loss as of catapult “pull back.” A vicious observation is suddenly being noticed: on the extreme, hedge funders are warning for $1900 Gold by the end of the year and on the other hand they are telling investors that stock market will run a deeper correction than that of 2008. It is only a matter of time before both events materialize.

Dollar A Loser
[2016-09-22   07:43 GMT]

The sixth straight Federal Reserve decision to hold interest rates lifted most currencies worldwide, with a gauge of the dollar against 10 major peers extending declines as it heads for its first annual drop in four years. About 80 of the nearly 150 currencies Bloomberg tracks worldwide gained versus the dollar Wednesday, with only 15 recording a loss of 0.1 percent or more. The yen was the best performer among major developed peers, shrugging off moves by the Bank of Japan to tweak monetary stimulus in an attempt to stoke inflation.

Yen Drops
[2016-09-21   06:58 GMT]

The yen, which has gained after every Bank of Japan meeting since January, turned lower after Wednesday’s decision. The drop followed the BOJ’s decision to shift its focus away from a pre-set target for expanding the supply of money, and to instead seek to control yields across different maturities. Even with the drop, the yen remains the world’s best-performing major developed-market currency this year.

FED A Politicized Institution To Brace For Reform
[2016-09-20   12:06 GMT]

Janet Yellen is getting closer to raising interest rates – before US election or after – signaling that a rate hike this year is on the table. Last time, Yellen referred to increasing borrowing costs as “strengthening.”

Obama favors low interest rate, and Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, argues that the Fed has created a “false economy” by keeping borrowing costs low in order to help President Barack Obama.

Donald Trump uttered at CNBC that Fed Chair Janet Yellen is "very political" and keeping rates low to buoy the stock market through the end of President Obama’s term.

Remember Trump, the 99.99%  expected President by Money Maker Management & ForexSurvivor: "As soon as interest rates go up, your stock market’s going to go way down,” while FED to breathe life into legislative reform

Rate by the Poll
[2016-09-19   07:09 GMT]

The poll showed the median probability of a rate rise provided by economists was about one-in-four and only 6 percent of those surveyed expected the Fed to act, with the majority expecting the Fed to wait until December.

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