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US Stock Market: Closed
[2018-01-15   13:11 GMT]

"Today, the United States honors the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. His work to advance civil rights changed history & continues to inspire millions of people around the world."

"As a reminder, FX team has a target of 1.30 on EUR/USD in 2018. Although the Fed is hiking rates, US rate differentials are widening and the dollar has become a G10 high-yielder, the dollar is not responding. Current dynamics look very similar to the 2004-06 Fed cycle. Back then the dollar weakened even as the dollar became one of the highest-yielding currencies in the world. Weaker flows into the US mattered  more than rising rates. FX team believes flows will matter more in 2018 too, and these are decidedly EUR/USD positive"

Gold Vs. Bitcoin
[2018-01-12   12:48 GMT]

We Will Always Love Gold This Year No Matter How Sky Cryptocurrencies Rally, if they rally again!

Serious Question: Can Bitcoin Be Gold 2.0?

EURUSD Melting Up,
[2018-01-12   12:32 GMT]

Chancellor Angela Merkel reached a preliminary accord with Germany’s Social Democrats to clinch a coalition government, advancing her bid to end political gridlock and open the door to her fourth term. “In the seemingly long period of time since the election, we’ve seen that the world is not waiting for us,” said Merkel. That news sent the euro to a three-year high, adding to gains after a shift in European Central Bank messaging was dubbed hawkish. 1.2200 is in the offings!

Bitcoin Mania Preview,
[2017-12-22   07:00 GMT]

The beast bitcoin parabola that was created this year has a bitter repercussions as it is currently exploding. We all know technically what Parabola means – it resembles to a token derived by ForexSurvivor that “climbing the Left side of the Eiffel tower versus plummeting the Right side one.” All bitcoiners above $10,000 will end up counting no bitcoins. The drop today to $13,048 reveals that $10,000 is coming, and buyers are pretty squeezed. Has the mania started? Bitcoin won’t last and won’t be labeled as “World Digital Currency.” Governments will break it down to ashes if they ain’t going to have it regulated and don’t be surprised if it goes as low as $1000. This bitcoin which has been highlighted as “anonymous” by idiots experts has missed the FED intervention!

Warnings do not show up as free. Use them to cash out!

Bitcoin Goes Viral
[2017-12-19   15:52 GMT]

Bitcoin has become the investment du jour of the financial community. Bitcoin goes viral -The attention Bitcoin has garnered from mainstream media has been astounding.

But, But, BUTTTTTT, Be Careful: A cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea collapsed on Tuesday after it suffered a second cyberattack in eight months and lost a large amount of its digital-currency reserves.

Away from Private Money
[2017-12-19   12:20 GMT]

Warren Buffett's 10 Largest Current Stock Bets:

here are Berkshire's 10 largest positions, according to the latest available information -- and why Warren Buffett might like each one.

[2017-12-19   09:36 GMT]

Theresa May reassures MP Richard Drax that Brexit will happen on time. "We will be leaving the EU on the 29th of March, 2019."

It’s a pretty uncertain environment out there for the UK.
[2017-12-12   07:39 GMT]

Despite a ticking clock and a weakened government, strategists are optimistic that the UK will agree to a deal in time, boosting the pound.

Monetary Policy Committee members may decide to send a more hawkish signal as current market pricing is very much toward the dovish end of the range, hence positioning for earlier or faster policy tightening looks attractive.

With positive noise from the Brexit negotiations, this may increase the tail-risk chance that the MPC is more hawkish than expected on Thursday. There is a good chance of any hawkish BOE commentary propelling GBPUSD up toward the 1.35-1.36 area this week.

Sterling is likely to continue to be driven more by news related to the Brexit negotiations and nothing is hugely expected from the BOE so soon after they increased interest rates last month and signaled that a very slow pace of further tightening would be appropriate.


[2017-12-12   07:30 GMT]

As a world recovery gathers pace, the Federal Reserve is shrinking its balance sheet and raising interest rates, while the European Central Bank is about to begin tapering bond purchases. This scenario makes it very hard for a non-interest bearing asset like gold to do well. It seems unlikely that inflation goes meaningfully above 2 percent to 2.5 percent anytime soon. As the Fed tightens further, real rates in the U.S. will gradually creep up to positive territory. Over time, one would suspect that as long as inflation stays contained, we’ll at least have modestly positive real rates in the U.S. It’s very hard to see gold doing tremendously well in a tightening environment.

ForexSurvivor Policy Course

Mapped By Predecessor

i. The market is full of fat tail risks that are impossible to predict and can shift market fundamentals without warning.

ii. Markets can remain irrational a lot longer than traders can remain solvent.

iii. Unless we get some sort of new action, volatility isn't likely to spike out of whack.

iv. A hedge fund manager makes a series of lucrative trades based on research from analysts at his firm and conversations with industry consultants. Some of those consultants have access to nonpublic information, but the manager doesn't trade on just a single thread of data. Instead, he culls together various tidbits of information from every nook and cranny of the market to stitch together a picture of a company.

v. There's an old market adage that says it's those quiet, unassuming price trends which are the ones most likely to continue.

vi. If you are inclined to enjoy puzzles, numbers, finance, economics, business, mathematics, science, psychology, and statistics, the market will be a most enjoyable space to thrive.

vii. Charts illustrate the pendulum swing between supply and demand, and the fight between buyers and sellers. The SLOPE is the master and commander of the trade, and Fibs are the checkpoints to either lighten or increase the trade size known as load.

viii. Silver lining known as Safe haven is defined as a currency, stock or commodity favored by investors in times of crisis because of its stability and/or easy liquidation, generally have lower returns.

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