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Cut off Vacation
[2014-08-22   08:01 GMT]

Breaking: ForexSurvivor has Called its High-Portfolio Running collaborators to Cut Off Vacations and Be Back Seated on Tuesday, the 2nd of September, instead of 15 September- Just After US Labor Day (Mon, 01 Sep). We Expect High Volatility & Volume to Rocket which Will Drive Our Portfolio of Larger than $5M to Hit Target of 25% by Mid October rather than Mid December.
<June 03, we confirm that larger portfolio than $5M is reading $6.7M, an increase of 34%, lacking 12% to achieve the target set for the first half of the year at 46%. We aim for 12% for June! As for the next half, the target is set lower, at 25% as 2months are off (1st of August till Mid Sep, and from Mid Dec).
 Today, June20, We confirm that 50% Mission Target has been Achieved. Welcome to the Most Amazing Club.>

ForexSurvivor Newsletter
[2014-08-22   08:00 GMT]

NZDUSD Lift Up Hints for Closing A Fundamental Gap. Gold Double Top is Confirmed, Let’s Look South no Matter How High it Goes! USDCAD Bounced off Resistance of May 2014 Despite a Broken Downsloping TL. Silver Plummeting Noiselessly To Attain a Yearly New Low – Scenario is Heaven With Only One Condition, Which is Unlikely to Happen in August. Signal: GBPCHF 170 pips Mission Accomplished; EURUSD: 500Pips Working (duration one month, started on 19 Aug).

AUDJPY Strength is Strengthening,
[2014-08-22   07:55 GMT]

The double monthly bottom (premature call but seems pretty sure) with parameters low of July and August closing candles has eradicated the downtrend that started at the start of the month and punched yesterday the strongest close for this year.

If that close is confirmed today , then the cross heads towards 100 within September sessions. Closing below 93.80 will error the scenario.

Be wary for the management as the signal target is farther from the current mark (96.69), the stop is almost equivalent. An add should not be neglected if the cross maintains a consolidation process above 95.00

USDCHF Boots Not On the Ground,
[2014-08-19   10:02 GMT]

Whether it is going to be boots or crocs, USDCHF U-turned between Friday & Monday  may have marked a bottom to chase a rally.

1. Technical has developed a resistance since last month at 0.9120
2. Yesterday the market tested support 0.9020 which happens to be the ex-resistance of June. Test failed, thus looking further to an up move.
3. As long as no close below yesterday low is triggered, the market  has the capacity to drag the pair towards 0.9170 (0.9157 high of January- a short term obstacle).

ForexSurvivor Newsletter
[2014-08-19   10:00 GMT]

EURUSD Lift Up Seems Quite Retraceable. Gold & USDJPY Summer Range About is not a Bone of Contention. Before You Trade AUDUSD, Look inside an Abyss and afterwards, Confirm a bottom. USDJPY Waits Next Most Significant FED for this Year to Shake the World. Are you Looking for An Interest Rate Increase? Watch BOE Benchmark – It is there where the Start begins. When Gold Played Parabola, You Caught your Breath 13 Years – We are Only 5 Years in Equities’ Parabola (Keep Catching!). Signal: GBPCHF 170 pips Mission Accomplished; EURUSD: 500Pips Limit Set (duration one month).

[2014-08-13   06:56 GMT]

 Sterling has closed above time frame 1hr  MA100 yesterday and about to touch MA200 @1.6830, a parallel line with MA100 since a month.

A close above 1.6830 will drive the pair to 1.6860 and 1.6912, thus a target identified by the Fibo levels of the plummet that started at 1.7190.

Any dump within the next 24 hr towards 1.6780 would be charge for buyers as long as no close below yesterday low is triggered.

AUDCAD Back & Forth,
[2014-08-12   08:05 GMT]

Its winning and losing streak are lost, in dilemma, and perpetuate. If one indicator is up, the second is down, one time frame trend is down, another is up, can’t be topped, can’t be nailed, and can’t be bottomed! Complete nuts!

Technically, let’s filter those nuisances into simple myth of art:
1. The hourly chart, shows an uptrend channel between 24 Jul & 06 Aug.
2. After 06 Aug & Forth, a downward channel is penciling.
3. Both channels converge at 1.0175, slightly below the double top @1.0188 of the last two days.
4. As long as no close above 1.0188 is triggered, and as long as a rally performs a print at 1.0165, the cross is sellable targeting 1.0080

EURJPY Counter Trend,
[2014-08-11   08:54 GMT]

As Nikkei ends up @2.4%, correlating EURJPY is quite useful once a test at 136.30 is taken the step.

The 4Hr chart shapes an indicator of overbought zone suggesting sellers in control for now, a reason why 136.30/15 would be tested. Once there, target would be identified at the downsloping trendline @137.20, which is encompassed by parameters May-Aug-14 (broken at the end f the previous month).

If buyers prove later on that they could close the market above 137.00, then 137.50 becomes the aim. Risk scenario is set once a close below Friday’s low is taken into happenstance.

EURUSD Sell Off,
[2014-08-06   07:54 GMT]

 The pressure on the euro is there to remain as it is consistent with several indicators mainly with the stay below MA50 since mid-July @ the reading of 1.3415, targeting 1.3335 and 1.3295.

The pair’s price is abated on a daily basis charting a downward channel since mid-July which conveys a resistance almost equal to the reading of MA50. The risk scenario is set once a close above last week high is printed, allowing a rally below 13415 to be sellable.

USDJPY Cautiously Upping,
[2014-08-04   10:07 GMT]

Following up USDJPY previous reports, aggressive traders who went long should be wary if a close below 101.95 is triggered. The start of the month printed a bearish candle which may allow a visit back to the psycho 102.000

Buyers may enter at current price (102.60), add 102.10 and exit is set as mentioned above.

The Nays Have it,
[2014-07-30   06:27 GMT]

EURUSD Interesting Long Term Chart has created a false break in either: It is the monthly or the weekly chart?

EURUSD Lower Low,
[2014-07-30   06:25 GMT]

One more day and EURUSD closes its monthly book at its weaknesses. Therefore, no matter what rally is going to emerge in the next 24hr, it is sellable.

Ahead of  GDP, FOMC, & NFP, EURUSD is imposing a lower low, structuring a down trend since 15 July with resistance at 1.3425, 1.3452, and 1.3470.

Those tri levels hint a target at 1.3395 and 1.3344. Only a close above 1.3470 stems a loss in the analysis.

Summer Holidays,
[2014-07-29   07:07 GMT]

During the holidays, ForexSurvivor lessens its trading and analyses activities throughout all departments. It is the right time to give our team a new refreshment spirit to enjoy life.

ForexSurvivor Summer Holidays between:  01 August and 15 September

ForexSurvivor Newsletter
[2014-07-29   07:06 GMT]

USDJPY Squeeze is About to be Exterminated; AUDJPY, CHFJPY, CADJPY 4 hr Chart Readiness to Blow out. Equities Are On the Defense As Long as Parabola is Not Broken Down; It Won’t Break Down Absolutely this Year. USDCHF Triggered an Up Wave Above 0.9000 – Quite Interesting to Fall Into the Clutches of Buyers. Signal: GBPUSD 120 pips Mission Accomplished; NZDUSD 220 pips Limit Set

USDJPY Nowhere, But Not This Time,
[2014-07-29   06:01 GMT]

How many times has USDJPY tested 101.30? At least once per month since the opening of the year. But it is the first time it prints Eight Green Candles simultaneously in an extreme oversold zone.

Where to next?  The yearly downsloping trendline at 102.35 & 10300, the 50% Fib line of the plummet that started at 105.45

Current Status: Let the market breaks that squeezing triangle between 102.35 & 101.30 before we issue a signal.

Aggressive buyers may start at 102.00 as long as 100.70 gets no close below; keep target open (update will follow)

GBPUSD Tough Lines
[2014-07-24   08:13 GMT]

GBPUSD Tough Lines,

 For a 2nd time, our sterling vs. dollar trade has failed with supportable consequences. We plan to hit to hit for a third time a Long sterling position despite the burden sell off on board., for a neglected reason. Let’s analyze GBPUSD 4hr chart:

1. Widened Angle: Chart a trendline with resistance connotations between 2nd  and 15th of July , supported by a downsloping trendline with connotations 2nd and 18th of July. You should observe a widening triangle where prices set are higher highs and lower lows. This pattern shows that the market is becoming hysterically volatile, with bulls and bears pouring in – such volatile triangle kills the uptrend.

2. Downward Channel: the support between 2nd and 18th July along with a parallel line on top of July construe a downward channel – note how the support is firm as it connotes 6 points in the form of lower lows. This pattern construe a rebound as long as no close below the trendline is triggered.

3. Falling wedge: using same support as for case 2 study but changing the resistance line by embracing the top of 15 and 23 July. This wedge explodes an uptrend.

If we conclude that two  bullish cases should outperform a single one (widened angle), then, the bounce should be effectuated as long as no close below 1.7000 is triggered. Longs start at 1.7040, target open.

(If you are within the seller frame, then be weary once a close above 1.7100 is triggered).

AUDUSD Consolidates,
[2014-07-22   18:45 GMT]

Signals lack the astonishing movements as part of the world is in chaos and hell as in the Middle East, others enjoy Ramadan festivities which end by Monday, and still others are preparing for a long summer holiday (August).

For the record, we have between next Monday (ending festivities) and end of this month to position and adjust our long term signals before market joins an interval of lessened activities.

Steven didn’t, at least up to this writing, shake the AUD out of its consolidation phase that has been stored since 10 July and which comprises barely 70 pips.

First, correlating the chart to copper, we find that this particular metal is in uptrend this month as per ForexSurvivor deep fundamental studies, a hint for an AUDUSD signal to go long.

The consolidation cycle erodes all oscillators and has brought all of them at one pivot, suggesting that a boom is ahead.

The downsloping 4 hr trendline since topping at 0.9505 reads today 0.9405. Shall a close above it materialize, going long for 0.9450 is the deal. A close below Asia’s low of today will negate.

USDCAD Rally Incomplete,
[2014-07-16   07:41 GMT]

Since Friday, USDCAD prints new high mainly after breaking the rectangle that was developed since the start of the month till previous Fri’s rally. The pulse remained positive during the testimony of Yellen helping to punch a close:
1. Above the 38% of the plummet that started at 1.0960, and
2. Above the downsloping trendline with parameters 05 & 18 Jun at the reading of 1.0750

Oscillators point to short term extreme overbought zone which may allow a down side move towards testing that trend line at today’s reading of 1.0742, an entry level.
A plummeting  stretch may occur towards 1.0715 as panic is employed during Yellen testimony for a 2nd day and significant CAD data this week, allowing an add to the position.

The risk scenario is contemplated once a close below 1.0700 is triggered while target is aimed at 1.0810

Risk Disclosure
[2006-12-01   08:24 GMT]

Risk Disclosure: Trading Futures, Forex, and Options on Futures carries a high level of Risk, and may not be suitable for all Investors. An Investor could potentially lose all, or more than the initial Investment. Risk Capital are funds that can be lost without changing your financial security, or lifestyle. Only Risk Capital should be used for trading. You should ensure you understand all of the risks.

What is ForexSurvivor?

ForexSurvivor is a dynamic trading system that avoids all market noises and trades all instruments including currencies, commodities and equities. This program is neither a trend-following nor a counter-trend system but a combination of both. ForexSurvivor was created early in 2000 and after eighteen months of rigorous testing, ForexSurvivor Partners decided to start live trading, since the system was out-performing most of the existing FX benchmarks.

ForexSurvivor offers a Complete Solution to Successful Trading By

  • Providing accurate signals that give positive trades
  • Providing advice and recommendations to convert clients' current losing trades into winning trades
  • Restoring clients’ diminished account balances to their original opening balance

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