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GBPUSD Tough Lines
[2014-07-24   08:13 GMT]

GBPUSD Tough Lines,

 For a 2nd time, our sterling vs. dollar trade has failed with supportable consequences. We plan to hit to hit for a third time a Long sterling position despite the burden sell off on board., for a neglected reason. Let’s analyze GBPUSD 4hr chart:

1. Widened Angle: Chart a trendline with resistance connotations between 2nd  and 15th of July , supported by a downsloping trendline with connotations 2nd and 18th of July. You should observe a widening triangle where prices set are higher highs and lower lows. This pattern shows that the market is becoming hysterically volatile, with bulls and bears pouring in – such volatile triangle kills the uptrend.

2. Downward Channel: the support between 2nd and 18th July along with a parallel line on top of July construe a downward channel – note how the support is firm as it connotes 6 points in the form of lower lows. This pattern construe a rebound as long as no close below the trendline is triggered.

3. Falling wedge: using same support as for case 2 study but changing the resistance line by embracing the top of 15 and 23 July. This wedge explodes an uptrend.

If we conclude that two  bullish cases should outperform a single one (widened angle), then, the bounce should be effectuated as long as no close below 1.7000 is triggered. Longs start at 1.7040, target open.

(If you are within the seller frame, then be weary once a close above 1.7100 is triggered).

AUDUSD Consolidates,
[2014-07-22   18:45 GMT]

Signals lack the astonishing movements as part of the world is in chaos and hell as in the Middle East, others enjoy Ramadan festivities which end by Monday, and still others are preparing for a long summer holiday (August).

For the record, we have between next Monday (ending festivities) and end of this month to position and adjust our long term signals before market joins an interval of lessened activities.

Steven didn’t, at least up to this writing, shake the AUD out of its consolidation phase that has been stored since 10 July and which comprises barely 70 pips.

First, correlating the chart to copper, we find that this particular metal is in uptrend this month as per ForexSurvivor deep fundamental studies, a hint for an AUDUSD signal to go long.

The consolidation cycle erodes all oscillators and has brought all of them at one pivot, suggesting that a boom is ahead.

The downsloping 4 hr trendline since topping at 0.9505 reads today 0.9405. Shall a close above it materialize, going long for 0.9450 is the deal. A close below Asia’s low of today will negate.

ForexSurvivor Newsletter
[2014-07-18   10:12 GMT]

EURUSD Facing Weekly Trendline; USDCAD & EURGBP Are Preparing a Recovery Stage. NZDJPY Bearish Rising Wedge on the Daily have a Good Story. USDJPY 5 months Support: is it Different this Time, or Not? AUDUSD Head & Shoulder Pattern once Neckline is Confirmed. Signal: GBPUSD is still Working

USDCAD Rally Incomplete,
[2014-07-16   07:41 GMT]

Since Friday, USDCAD prints new high mainly after breaking the rectangle that was developed since the start of the month till previous Fri’s rally. The pulse remained positive during the testimony of Yellen helping to punch a close:
1. Above the 38% of the plummet that started at 1.0960, and
2. Above the downsloping trendline with parameters 05 & 18 Jun at the reading of 1.0750

Oscillators point to short term extreme overbought zone which may allow a down side move towards testing that trend line at today’s reading of 1.0742, an entry level.
A plummeting  stretch may occur towards 1.0715 as panic is employed during Yellen testimony for a 2nd day and significant CAD data this week, allowing an add to the position.

The risk scenario is contemplated once a close below 1.0700 is triggered while target is aimed at 1.0810

GBPUSD Losses Recuperation,
[2014-07-16   07:41 GMT]

Yesterday, we believed in the technical picture of GBPUSD ignoring the fundamental which didn’t meet economists expectation (Inflation report). It surprised the market, but our careful selection levels let us confirm 50 pips loss despite the 120 pips rally.

In our sterling previous wire, we marked 1.7100/1.7120 as pivot to squeezed buyers, while risk scenario was maintained upon a close above Tuesday’s high. 50 pips losses triggered as market closed shallowly above that high by inches.

Today, we will use 1.7135 & 1.7090 to go long to recuperate the losses and some extra pips where target to be identified later, and the exit scenario to be maintained once a close below yesterday’s low is triggered.

EURUSD Multiple Dimensions,
[2014-07-15   07:30 GMT]

It is all technical down there with no fundamental clue added. Will FED change the technical perspective in its semiannual testimony?

The 4hr technical studies imply that bears are in control 80%; follow the steps:

1. Since it topped at 1.40, the market retraced up to 1.3710, the 38% of that harsh plummet. Since then, waves continue to swing below for a 2nd  week.
2. Head & Shoulder pattern: Left shoulder between 19 & 29 Jun; Head was formed between end of Jun and beg of Jul; Right shoulder is being developed since 09 Jul. the H&S pattern is charted by three reddish rectangles, neck-lining at 1.3576. A close below 1.3576 is a good signal for further weaknesses.
3. Rising Wedge Pattern in a Downtrend simplifies the next bearish wave- wedge parameters is derived from the highs of 06 Jun & 01 Jul and from the lows of  16 & 26 Jun. This wedge was broken on the 3rd  of Jul, tested on the 9th of Jul when price peaked at 1.3650
4. A squeezed triangle is connoted between the lows of July and its highs, indicating that a blow up is on preparedness, thus readying for issuing a signal, and last
5. yesterday rally failed to lock a close above the downsloping trendline with parameters 01 & 10 Jul, but it pierced it, leading to a fragile resistance.

The technical complex conclusion points to a rising wedge (bearish), failed rally above 38% (bearish), H&S still under construction as no close below neckline was triggered yet (Indecision), and the squeezed triangle hints for getting ready to issue a signal (Indecision).

What to do? You should stay tuned if you have no signal. If you are with the bears, watch for a close above 1.37 to exit whilst you may add if a close below neckline is performed. If you are with the bulls, be weary upon finalizing US session below neckline.

GBPUSD Support Kaput,
[2014-07-14   14:23 GMT]

GBPUSD run this morning to test Friday’s high, run into MA200hr on an hourly chart, bounced back and landed hard below 2 weeks support at 1.7080. Is it the time to test the psychological level 1.70? yes, plus, if fails, it heads towards 1.6900 and probably 1.6850. For the scenario to maintain place, no close above today’s high should be triggered.

1.7100/1.7120 turned into pivot for squeezed buyers who believe in the above scenario.

What a Squash in Gold,
[2014-07-14   14:16 GMT]

Draghi didn’t speech yet; FED Yellen semiannual testimony starts tomorrow; Global tension is on high alert. Gold didn’t squeeze buyers but even worse: squashed them as it fell almost $40 in just 2 sessions.

Raising Interest rate concern again sooner than expected? The $40 doesn’t show that this wonder is arguable. Better then, be seated and watch tomorrow the ‘dovish’ FED!

ForexSurvivor Newsletter
[2014-07-11   07:06 GMT]

USDJPY Facing the Death Bearish Signal Aiming at Two Digits. GBPCAD About to be Detached from Weeks of Consolidation. Russia to Dump $26Bl of US Bonds – that is the New Gauge Fear not VIX. EURUSD Rallies Are Sellable. Signal: EURNZD 50 pips Mission Accomplished. New Signal: Will be emailed to members on Monday at 13:00 GMT.

EURJPY Triangle Clears June Gains,
[2014-07-11   07:05 GMT]

As USDJPY is on preparedness to quench 100.70/101.00 strong yearly support, EURJPY delivered a quick blow to its June triangle through a strong negative close, hinting for an extra selloff of 100 pips below yesterday low.

The short term is rather oversold to enter right now, thus we go for selling the 10pips retracement above today’s opening targeting yesterday’s low. A close below that low will squeeze any buyer for 136.85 (an abrupt rally would allow an adding consideration at 138.55)

This trade is valid as long as no close above this week’s high is triggered.

Few Reasons why AUDUSD weakness is not complete,
[2014-07-10   06:12 GMT]

Fundamentally, despite the rising employment report to 6%, it was not encouraged by the full time figure. This has developed today a bearish technical reason when it stayed below Ichi cloud on 4hr chart reversing all gains during the report release.

Apart, the rising trendline with parameters Jun & Jul (green) was tested today and failed. The dashed yellow line hints for developing a head and shoulder where left shoulder has been punched by a double top between 23 and 27 Jun, head was printed on the 7th of July while today the establishment of the right shoulder has been sealed.

Heading south the chart, the oscillator is winding down off the overbought level, enforcing the bearish view.

All those elements points to the sell trigger at 9415 for 9365 then 9333 as long as no close above today’s high is triggered.

AUDUSD Break Eve,
[2014-07-10   06:11 GMT]

With the failed rally that hit a break eve point between our last two wires (see below) when AU employment report was delivered to result 6%, its highest in 4 months, the currency tumbles as the increase in the unemployment rate versus decrease in full time employment construe a stab in the back.

The break eve comes from the following wires:
One Way Ticket Wire [Thu, Jul 3 2014, 08:00 GMT] resulted in 90 pips loss
Not Out of the Wood [Mon, Jul 7 2014, 05:18 GMT] resulted in 90 pips profit when market released the employment report today, as target was open.

Right now, we plan reversing the currency on any shallow rally towards 0.9415 for 0.9335 and maintain a stop once a close above Asia high is triggered.

EURNZD South is Better,
[2014-07-08   06:15 GMT]

Since it broke the double bottom at 1.5750 last month on the 12th through a gap that remains open, the cross route below MA20 daily remains an obstacle at today’s reading of 1.5580.

The start of the month depicts a downward channel basing at 1.5473 that coincides with the low of Jun, thus a target.

The prices at 1.5515 & 1.5555 are sellable while the exit scenario hints for a close above 1.5580

For Fun: Be shocked if at least one of three FIFA speculations hit the market,
[2014-07-07   08:43 GMT]

How the Worldcup is ending up with ‘The Netherlands?”
Between Brazil & Germany: Brazil will not win the cup because already an investment was given to her  for years of preparation for WorldCup2014, was mal used and corrupted (even  a new bridge had fallen down)
Between The Netherlands and Argentina, the latter won’t win because it is in mega trouble with the International Monetary Fund  IMF. IMF punishes rather than forgives…

The end says a game between Germany  & Netherlands: Germany won’t be given such win-win privilege as it swallowed all dollars of 2008crisis and it is the best country among its European counterparts. So it’s money drawer is replete with $$$
Leftover: The Netherlands

Parabola of Gold vs. Equities,
[2014-07-07   08:38 GMT]

Parabola studies of equities show that we are very far from target...Comparison between Gold & equities.

AUDUSD Not Out of the Wood,
[2014-07-07   05:44 GMT]

AUDUSD triggered our stops when it locked a close below 0.9355 by 10pips. Such shallow close secures a reinstallation of a long position.

Previously, we were long at 0.9415 and added 0.9365.
Right now, we intend buying at the opening of the week, add on any dip towards 0.9330, target is open, and the exit scenario would be once a close below 0.9320 is triggered.

ForexSurvivor Newsletter
[2014-07-03   18:16 GMT]

 Copper Reviving; What’s Next? Draghi Publication of Minutes: Should be a Concern? EURUSD 100MA Reads 13700 – Bounced Back & Skidding to A New Monthly Low, Only If…! GBPJPY False Break Did Not Materialize – Constructive Scheme, Very Much So. AUDCAD Below Parity: Abyss Momentum On. Dow Jones, Many Believe It Would Crash – We Believe It is the Start!   Signal: EURUSD 100pips Mission Accomplished. GBPAUD 120 pips  Mission Accomplished. New Signal: Will be emailed to members on Monday at 13:00 GMT.

Risk Disclosure
[2006-12-01   08:24 GMT]

Risk Disclosure: Trading Futures, Forex, and Options on Futures carries a high level of Risk, and may not be suitable for all Investors. An Investor could potentially lose all, or more than the initial Investment. Risk Capital are funds that can be lost without changing your financial security, or lifestyle. Only Risk Capital should be used for trading. You should ensure you understand all of the risks.

What is ForexSurvivor?

ForexSurvivor is a dynamic trading system that avoids all market noises and trades all instruments including currencies, commodities and equities. This program is neither a trend-following nor a counter-trend system but a combination of both. ForexSurvivor was created early in 2000 and after eighteen months of rigorous testing, ForexSurvivor Partners decided to start live trading, since the system was out-performing most of the existing FX benchmarks.

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