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ForexSurvivor Newsletter,
[2015-05-15   07:33 GMT]

The Lost Coup,
Putin’s Turk Stream is to build pipelines to Europe non-crossing Ukraine, via Turkey & Greece. This new plan is a great slap to those who financed the war in Ukraine, mainly allies of Soros. Will it succeed?
US Nuland Victoria, the master mind of Kiev war, met Syriza as Greece is turning its back to Europe and joining slowly Russia, the BRICS (precursors: heard of no sanction against Ru, Gr to acquire S300, Russia military base in Gr, & last GR was invited to join BRICS bank)
Nuland seems to be losing the billions invested in Ukraine war as the gleaming plan by Russia has by-passed Ukraine and welcomed Greece.
& finally: Will Nuland abolish Ukraine and drag all its Blackwater mercenaries out of Ukraine and onto Greece? The terror incident at Macedonia confirms a so.

ForexSurvivor Newsletter,
[2015-05-08   07:28 GMT]

The Metrics why Market is Expensive. UK Election is Off Agenda: Re-trend the Sterling from Scratch Targeting Blue-Sky. The fundamentals of Switzerland aren’t Shapeable: Culpable Peg Outcome. USDCAD to be Neck lined within Double Bottom Parameters – Watching Today’s Close. EURGBP Gap Met Expectations: Find out Gap Calculation that we Warned About Before Happening. Oil Rallying – Dream On It! Australia Housing – For every Bubble there is a Burst – Take the Profit. Of Course UK Conservative Wins – We didn’t See Changes in the Election in US & Israel; So why in the British Empire? The Ranging Storms: De-Dollarization Vs. Gold. The Establishment of AIIB May Force the Bankrupted IMF into Foreclosure. The Future: Eurasia Economic Union Brings Hopes.

EURGBP Butterflies in Stomach (Update),
[2015-05-06   14:44 GMT]

If you are following the trade of EURGBP (wired yesterday: see it at the end of this text)when a close above downsloping is locked at 0.7370, shall you exit the trade at the current price 0.7430 as the Brits run to the poll by tomorrow. Don’t even put a stop to the trade, just exit as the market may (and may not) face a gap somehow.

EURGBP Wire: “EURGBP bullish flag precedes May the 7th that marks UK election as per hourly chart. If 0.7277 holds on a closing basis, only a close back above the downsloping trendline since it temporarily topped at 0.7420 is needed to launch a bull post towards 0.7500”

Herky Jerky Direction,
[2015-05-06   12:30 GMT]

In our newsletter we expected 2 figures retreat in EURUSD as per the following say: “Will EURUSD be Hampered by 1.1250 for 2 figures Bear Move?” Market dipped to 1.1060 satisfying the expected retracement only to bounce and read at the top of the previous week, right now at 1.1270. A close above 1.1270 should take a whack at 1.1500 or slightly below. A close below 1.1050 negates the bearish long term retracement.

Butterflies in Stomach,
[2015-05-05   08:27 GMT]

EURGBP bullish flag precedes May the 7th that marks UK election as per hourly chart. If 0.7277 holds on a closing basis, only a close back above the downsloping trendline since it temporarily topped at 0.7420 is needed to launch a bull post towards 0.7500

Interest Rate Caveat,
[2015-05-05   05:15 GMT]

The neutrality of RBA statement hints for no further cut in the foreseeable future after it cut interest rates by 25 basis points today at a record low of 2.0%. AUDUSD declined 40 pips and reversed them to level over 110 pips which may continue towards 0.8000. A Close below yesterday’s low negates the additional pump up.

Latest Impact,
[2015-05-04   09:13 GMT]

April marks the first close below MA100 for the first time since June 2014, when Dollar rallied. The plummet from 100 to 95 was also escorted by the psychological effect of 100. In parallel, USDJPY most probably has set a low at 120.00 as Abe left Washington after charting a monthly lower higher along with a double bottom between Mar and Apr. on Friday, price action couldn’t break the downsloping trendline (yet) of the time frame mentioned at the reading of 120.00 and with Japan on holiday for the next three days - Greenery Day, volatility and volume may be harder to effectuate a rally. Take the risk as long as you tolerate no close below 120.00 targeting 1.5 figures.

ForexSurvivor Newsletter,
[2015-04-30   04:51 GMT]

Investors hate May as markets rarely miss the saga “Sell in May & Leave” Coercing Cutbacks in Sky-target Positions to almost Nil Posts; Hint: Asia Market Tone: April Negative. Currency Markets: Fishy to Consider Buying Dollar in the First Week as the Index Connotates Monthly Negative Bar. Will EURUSD be Hampered by 11250 for 2 figures Bear Move? Dislodge if Your Tactic Believes 11450 Won’t Be “Rich.” Where Time is Luxury: ForexSurvivor to Receive its Customized First Private Jet in March 2016.

Call a Spade a Spade,
[2015-04-30   04:10 GMT]

None of the calls launched in the previous wires were undershot, be it the target of EURJPY at 131.00, GBPUSD 1.5260 (where no one expected 7-session winning streak but rather pundits promoted 1.40,) EURUSD 1.1050, and Dollar Index at 96.00; as for NZDUSD, the market is wrestling with the hypothesis to close above 0.7720 thus putting our objective in place.

How does it feel when the trades meet ForexSurvivor studies and beat analysts’ expectations? The portfolio of $5M has locked 4% this month below ForexSurvivor expectation of 5.3% - blame it on Easter Holidays.

Razor Sharp Analysis,
[2015-04-27   05:31 GMT]

Two new wars are expected to float in the Middle East in May. The first, will take the form of Saudi Yemenish war between Egypt & Libya where Egypt will do the striking a la Saudi’s style on Libya’s soil for halting ISIS expansion and protecting Egypt borders. Of course, such headlines, when are highlighted at Wall Street screens, will probably allow Crude Oil to spike to near $70 and when the news confirm that Egypt war is not that ‘cataclysm’ against the routes of oil, crude oil will start punching lower. Already energy sector entered the most overbought zone.

The second war would be reflected east Lebanon where Israel is expected to launch strikes at Hezbollah, Iran’s proxy, after evidence shows that the resistance has built an airstrip for UAV despite the fact that the strip can’t be used for cargo airplanes delivering weapons. Only God knows what is happening to the middle east – it is a total hell to everyone!

Herky Jerky Direction,
[2015-04-27   05:20 GMT]

The set up for this week should complete the wave of last Friday, powered by a close above 61% Fib line for EURUSD, Closing above downsloping TL for GBPUSD, weaknesses in dollar index sentiments, targeting 1.10, 1.5260, & 96.00 respectively. The exit scenario should be below/above Friday’s low/high.

ForexSurvivor Newsletter,
[2015-04-24   05:47 GMT]

Economists Play with Hellas Etymology: Replace Grexit by Grimbo– a derivative from limbo that ushers to Greece’s Default Without Exiting Euro; We Remain Strict to Our Own Etymology: Grexit. The Story behind China’s Default and Capital Outflows. Will Dubai Real Estate Explode a 2nd Time? There are No One Left in the Equity Market– The Top is Non-Toppish and the Bottom Creates Fear a la Franc Disaster Style. The FED to Raise Rate in 2015: IMPOSSIBLE. EURJPY Ascending Channel Target 13100 By Month’s End. The Rally In Crude Oil Have Reached Yet the Extreme Overbought Zone. Pundits Talk About Negative Dollar vs. Yen Despite Nikkei Closing Above 20000 for the First Time in 15 years– Is their Timing Appropriate? Are You Looney to Buy the Loonie? The BOE Sterling Bullish Commentary this Week vs. Expected UK Election May 07 Upshot are Within an Inverse Relation– Be Wary: Neither Crest Cycle is Completed nor the Trough. Despite its Non-Trading Activity on ForexSurvivor Platform, What’s the Set-up of USDCHF? How is Nasdaq’s How?

The Only Trade of the Month,
[2015-04-20   08:19 GMT]

It is a hard call for this trade as it is raised pre-maturely based on simple indicators only. Sometimes, a true story is the simple one without any ostensible cliché. Identifying the downsloping trendline which coincides with the 61% Fib line of the plummet that started at 0.8037, we can summarize a resistance pint at the conjunction of both indicators reading 0.7720 pivot. It is a resistance but not a strong one as momentum (not shown) suggests. The fact that the yellow double bottom were circumscribed between Feb and Mar, the gravity gave up and spoiled the kiwi for a rally that lasted the strongest (6 figures) so far. We believe the rally will continue once overcoming the next obstacle. A close above 0.7720 should drive the wave to the 76% FIB line at the reading of 0.7850 – the route between those bi-level was hard to reach previously as marked by the green color and that represents a consolidation of one full month. Another close above 0.7850 would give a final impulse towards 0.8000. Consideration to enter the bull market is between current level and any dip above 0.7350 and the exit should be fixed once a close below 0.7350 is triggered.

Good Luck! Take it or Leave it!

ForexSurvivor Newsletter,
[2015-04-17   07:32 GMT]

Easter Vacation is Behind & Market to Repeat Holidays Wave: EURUSD 110/111 to be tested. Greek Finance Minister Varoufakis Met Obama: Signal for GrExit? Volume, Volatility, Sentiment are Deployed on Board Suggesting Equity is Prepared for Correction Next Month. Crude Oil Rally Won’t be Sustainable. Will Gold Gap Higher Wild in the next Few Months? GBPCAD To Pay a Visit to 1.80 (Currently 1.82)

Butterflies in Stomach,
[2015-04-16   03:06 GMT]

The spike of the Aussie comes as March unemployment rate fell to 6.1% (previous 6.3%), an indication that sell a rally is still away from current level. Resistance MA100 reads 7800 and hasn’t been touched since the day crude oil avalanched. Then, we encounter the band 7900 which entails double top, on a monthly chart.

ECB, No Changes
[2015-04-15   11:53 GMT]



FXCM Lebanon,
[2015-04-15   04:45 GMT]

FXCM Beirut Lebanon has closed its business door. ForexSurvivor & FXCM Lebanon agreement has been terminated. Clients accounts with FXCM Beirut Lebanon were forced to be closed and monies were wired back to investors.

ForexSurvivor has no intention to open a new line with a broker in Lebanon. Clients with over $1M are diverted to UK, and those with over $5M to Australia. Accounts less than $1M and accounts under Recovery process should stay on hold till further notice – there is an elevated chance that the company will no longer run accounts of that size (Reason is described under the next wire, title: Negative Balance Policy)

Negative Balance Policy,
[2015-04-15   04:44 GMT]

The followings proposed policy is aligned exclusively to all types of accounts – existing, new, and/or recovery- that are less than $1M.

We all remember what happens to the peg line of the Swiss Franc and how the market behaved when accounts incurred negative balances. To have the matter under control for the next crisis, and to avoid falling in the negative balance, ForexSurvivor was requested to deposit an equal sum equivalent to investor’s equity aside. What does it mean? If a client opens an account of $100,000, ForexSurvivor should reside aside another $100,000 as a guarantee in case client account goes through negative balance as when they did during the disaster of the Franc peg line. (Remember: ForexSurvivor had warned about the Swiss peg line 3 months before it happened and didn’t trade CHF elements since the warning was issued and till today; the new policy is set for coming crises).

For the current period, that request fills an equal guarantee of $30M. The negotiations between the broker and ForexSurvivor are not completed yet as ForexSurvivor is asking the broker to waive half of the amount ($15M)

The revised negative balance policy, if agreed upon, would be eligible for accounts of no less than $100,000 to $1M. Therefore, if you have an account of $70K, be ready to add $30K to keep it operational under ForexSurvivor management plan (where ForexSurvivor & broker would put the guarantee of $100,000 that comes at zero cost for the investor). All types of accounts of less than $100,000 can no longer be managed by ForexSurvivor as per new proposed policy.

We will update on the final agreement once a decision is reached. Stay tuned!

Razor Sharp Analysis,
[2015-04-15   03:31 GMT]

The next economic crash is around the corner. It would crunch ‘too big to fail’ banks 28 times greater than the previous time. After 2007/2008 financial crash, we were promised that those too big to fail banks won’t be reckless. The picture today implies that these banks might go out of business as small banks are disappearing from the banking industry (since 2008, 1400 banks shut down in US), thus relying on those too big to fail banks. The stoppage of those banks, specifically Citibank, BOA, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase, and Wells Fargo - would come from derivatives again. The assets of those banks is barely $10 trillion while their derivatives exposures exceeds$280 trillion (28 times total assets).

And because of the exposures of derivatives, the Federal Reserve won’t raise interest rate neither in June, September, 2015, and 2016; else, it would destroy derivatives. So, don’t dream on increasing rates.

What will bring the financial trigger for another crisis? Already, the collapse of Oil is the number one hypothesis. The other trigger is the geopolitical concern of too many wars simultaneously which, if not switched off in 2015, would lead to thermonuclear war. Finally, the ‘Grexit’ is a serious trigger and where we deeply assure that it will happen: Greece will be out of Europe. The Greek current bankruptcy, as everybody should know, is not a Greek crisis, it is purely European one.

Bankers started issuing ominous warnings, clearly an indication that time is running out fast! You have been warned!

Latest Impact,
[2015-04-15   02:12 GMT]

China’s GDP Q1 7% meets the slowest pace in 6 years forecast (prior 7.3%) & initiated a temporarry sell off in AUD

Golf Resort,
[2015-04-14   07:53 GMT]

April 14, 2015: In its first collaboration, Money Maker Management & ForexSurvivor approved $50M global facility loan for building a golf resort in Portugal.

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