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Latest Impact: USDCAD Between Ducking & Eking
[2014-04-16   08:26 GMT]

As Paskha Holidays calls for trading to have a week off starting from Covenant Thursday , the market seems to be in a predicament over the past few trading sessions, as buyers and sellers battle it out with no real directional movement.

USDCAD initially ducked into red territory at the start of the month and eventually rebounded at 10850, the 61% Fib line of the rally that started this year, to eke out yesterday 10115, the 38% Fib line of the nose-dive that started @11277. Sellers stepped in.

If the step is right, then 11015 plus 11050- the ex-support between 13-18Mar, are sellable targeting 10900. Only a close above 11077 negates the goal.

Chart Analysis
[2014-04-16   08:23 GMT]

EURGBP Monthly Lower Highs and Lower Lows (chart analysis).

Latest Impact: AUDUSD Correction
[2014-04-15   08:04 GMT]

AUD strength surpassed the correction 61% Fib line of the plummet that started at 9770, thus, 8650 rally re-correction is needed. The strength of MACD is currently testing its double top of Sep-Oct’13, an uneasy way to be break-able; therefore, an additional sign for Aussie depreciation. To start with the slump, let a close below 9340 be. Afterwards, sell 9340 for a goal of almost 100 pips, near 21MA. The exit scenario is clarified once a close above 9465 is locked.

ForexSurvivor Newsletter
[2014-04-11   08:06 GMT]

You Were Warned about it Exactly One Week Ago: Recall: Frothy Equities’ High Risk: High Percentage of Stocks are Stock Buybacks & Margin Debt is Surging – Both Point to A ‘Serious’ Peak; Seal Against the Ingress & Egress. Forex Coming Week is all About Swiss, Euro, & Gold: Retracement or Trend Continuation that is the Question. Signal: EURAUD 100 pips Working

Latest Impact: USDJPY Rule is Tough
[2014-04-10   08:12 GMT]

FOMC punished the dollar where USDJPY broke the important support @102, setting the array back towards the south. Year 2014 has corrected so far towards 38% of the rally that started in Jun @ 9370. Retesting that 38% is the aim again @ the reading of 101, Feb low. Selling at current level (10180) plus on any dead cat bounce rally below 103 should be considered, targeting 101 and maintain risk scenario once a close above 103 is triggered.

Latest Impact: FED Did not Nail Down the Dollar
[2014-04-10   08:01 GMT]

FED disappoints the bullish farm of the dollar after several policymakers refused to share Yellen’s optimistic outlook, dragging the rate hike of her six months duration to a halt; ForexSurvivor hints then that there is absolutely no rate hike anymore in 2014, even in the first half of 2015.

Latest Impact: EURGBP Lower High
[2014-04-09   06:57 GMT]

Following up on the latest EURGBP text, there is a determination in reversing the cross as it printed at the close of US session yesterday a bearish candle just below last month’s close, first scenario for a bearish move. Secondly, it broke the upsloping TL (reddish) and triggered a close below, another bearish move. Thirdly, it refocuses its price action below MA50/100 for a third time, a designation of surely heading south. Last, not shown, momentum is bearish yet in an OS zone, which may permit a dead cat bounce. In brief, the drive towards the bear is more powerful, suggesting that the current price plus a might-be-rally towards 8280 are sellable targeting last month’s low @8200. A close above 8300 negates the south selection.

Latest Impact: Dollar Losing Ground
[2014-04-08   09:03 GMT]

Ahead of FOMC, G20, and the key issue of ECB: introduction of QE or not, dollar index’s fear is ramping up as it keeps tumbling. Although the weekly close was printed above MA100, a false-break is enormously controllable setting a deeper fall. Only a close above 8070 dissolves the bearish view, which is in parallel an ascending channel for the euro. If you are short euro, reverse at market (13770) and keep target open for a satisfactory 2nd attempt near 140+.

No Prediction
[2014-04-07   08:05 GMT]

Those who have knowledge, don't predict; those who predict have no knowledge. "L. Tzu, 6th Century BC." Just hours before Equities took a heavy plunge on Friday, ForexSurvivor warned through its 1st edition of this month about the “Frothy Equities and the Serious Peak.” Last week, last US session translated ForexSurvivor readings in full. Congrats!

Latest Impact: Dollar After NFP
[2014-04-07   08:05 GMT]

Ref to our latest Euro development closing tactics, we mentioned on the third of April that a close below 13720 will drive the currency towards 13600. We like to hold that line for few more sessions. Only a close above 13800 negates the endorsement of the bottom.

ForexSurvivor Newsletter
[2014-04-04   07:54 GMT]

Frothy Equities’ High Risk: High Percentage of Stocks are Stock Buybacks & Margin Debt is Surging – Both Point to A ‘Serious’ Peak; Seal Against the Ingress & Egress (You have just been warned). Broohaha of Forex Investor is not Waning: Print in Your Mind: You Won’t Turn Your Investment into Profitable Income Unless You Meet At Least 10Years Experience Money Manager. Oil Spike May Trip Up the Economic Recovery. EURUSD Bearish Scenario About to Be Confirmed. Signal: EURUSD 70 pips Mission Accomplished; New: EURAUD 100 pips Limit Set

Latest Impact: EURUSD Upward Channel
[2014-04-03   03:30 GMT]

Chart-ly speaking, EURUSD a la Draghi foundation has hit MA50 @ 13720; simple and quick: A close below 13720 will drive the currency towards a cheapest level targeting 13600. A close below 13600, will swift the upward blue channel towards a serious dip. For those who care about ascending, a close above 13850 is needed to re-energize the upward trend.

Latest Impact: EURGBP Last Pip Chance
[2014-04-01   08:12 GMT]

Following our latest EURGBP impact dated 12 March, we have considered the followings: Once the market gives a close (above Feb high 8350) along with the buy-cross of MAs, only then we point to 8500 whilst protecting the bullish scenario once a close below 82 is alarmed. The aftermath delivered the expectation where the trade triggered the buy signal on 18 March @8370. Currently, the price reads 8260 which might prove a beautiful add to the existing position, targeting 8500 while protecting the scenario once a close below 8200 is triggered.

Silver Battle Needs More Conviction
[2014-03-31   12:16 GMT]

Will the coming move of Silver become the bellwether? The metal is going to finalize its recent congestion around the hoaxing cluster which is defined by the downsloping resistance channel in blue, the six-year upsloping trendline in green, and the horizontal yellow line that describes $19 as resistance at the beginning of the 6 years and tuned to support at the end (held well in 2013 to first quarter of 2014). Today’s stochastic bumped into its 2013 high ensuring a double top, turning into sell action as per its crosses and it is describing the bearish scenario that started at 50 as incomplete. Thus, support to become indefensible on any coming attack.

No matter what you plan for silver, you need to watch carefully the $19. The continuity in living above that zone will demur the bears target towards the mid channel @13, while a weekly close below will anger buyers for a lengthier unexpected period of time. Hint: The resistance blue line was built in 3 years while the support greenish line needed 2 years (connotation rule) suggesting a tougher resistance comparing to weaker support.

Latest Impact: GBPUSD Retraced Both Lanes
[2014-03-28   09:17 GMT]

Sterling lane between 16250 and 16820 has found a temporarily base at the 61% Fib line this week at 16466. The reversal lane between Feb top and this week low at 16466 points to 16644 as 50% Fib line (greenish thick line). The resistance of the downward channel (marked in blue) has been broken at 16560 creating a convergence of supports at an average of 16530. A close below 16530 is needed to rekindle the bear wave to 16420. If that negative close stays out of reach, the bull remain in control to target 170.

Latest Impact: Ascending Triangle USDCAD
[2014-03-26   08:22 GMT]

USDCAD flirts with ex-resistance at 11130, a pivot that was tested almost 6 times on a daily chart. The upsloping TL reads today 11020 and should hold to keep the 11500 as a manifestation of the objective of the good shape triangle. Last week, the pair closed at its highest level since Aug 2009 signifying an unfinished bullish perspective. The current price 11130 along with a dip-test towards 11020 are for the positive scenario as long as no close below 10900 is triggered.

Latest Impact: EURUSD On a False Break Note!
[2014-03-20   16:34 GMT]

EURUSD performed a negative daily close when Yellen released her statement. The close was below the rectangle (white) which is determined by the parameters of the previous 2013 resistances mainly 13833. The selling pressure ahead of the psycho level at 140 is kind of famous and the sell off may persist further for now, mainly towards 13670. If that happens, we will add to our longs at this pivot targeting above 140. A close below 13680 will negate the bullish stance.

Latest Impact: EURGBP In Between
[2014-03-12   08:27 GMT]

On Monday, EURGBP triggered a positive wave by closing above the downsloping trend line with parameters Aug-Oct’13, testing simultaneously last month’s high through 2-day attempt; till now, no close above that high is locked in order to determine whether the positive structure is made of false-break or not. To a certain extent, the cross between MA20/50 remains in sell mode, hinting for a premature run towards the bull farm.
Once the market gives that close along with the buy-cross of MAs, only then we point to 8500 whilst protecting the bullish scenario once a close below 82 is alarmed.

Erasing Gains, Cold War Tensions Less
[2014-03-10   09:07 GMT]

In our last minute tactic, last week (Feb 19), we mentioned that Crude Oil Target $110 remains valid as long as tension between US & Russia over Ukraine sticks for contingency war planning. The wave concurred $105 per barrel, almost half the way, then, everything is erased.
Erasing all gains without reaching target is splendid: tension is lessening gracefully. Turn over immediately towards the sell approach as elements over contingency war are nothing but pre-emptive “media” attacks. Moreover, Iran nuclear talks are encircling positively, in turn, will contribute a damaging sell-off to the uptrend short term parabola.
Technically, price action on the weekly basis closed below the upsloping channel, setting target back to 90. Close< 10070 sets the alarm for further sell-off. Close >106 negates.

Copper Crunch
[2014-03-10   09:04 GMT]

Copper crashing scenario to persist once a close below last month’s low is triggered, targeting 200. The coming 2-month Chinese data won’t be helping to let copper regain power. Copper will assist Gold and Silver in deflating from current lofty levels and in few hours we will start seeing “buyers palmhead!” Enjoy the south riding of the reddish-orange metal while risk scenario becomes effectuated upon a close above 350. Take it or Leave it!

AUDCAD Rising Wedge in Question
[2014-03-10   09:01 GMT]

In our previous AUDCAD chart, we identified Head & Shoulder pattern within a rising wedge, with validation once a close below the neckline 9830 is triggered and as long as Par is protected. At the start of March, the neckline was tested yet failed. No close below 9830 was triggered whereas target set @9700 was tossed away. Today, we can note that the rising wedge was retested at the high and received a weekly close above PAR. The par was tested 9 times on Feb forming a strong resistance, whilst Friday’s close reversed it to a strong support to translate the rising wedge into an elimination board. By definition, when a rising wedge fails to offer its target, the counter  trend tends to revenge, i.e. a rising price to accumulate faster targeting 10130, then 10350. A close below 9825 negates the bullish scenario temporarily, meaning a 2nd test can be re-offered.

Risk Disclosure
[2006-12-01   08:24 GMT]

Risk Disclosure: Trading Futures, Forex, and Options on Futures carries a high level of Risk, and may not be suitable for all Investors. An Investor could potentially lose all, or more than the initial Investment. Risk Capital are funds that can be lost without changing your financial security, or lifestyle. Only Risk Capital should be used for trading. You should ensure you understand all of the risks.

What is ForexSurvivor?

ForexSurvivor is a dynamic trading system that avoids all market noises and trades all instruments including currencies, commodities and equities. This program is neither a trend-following nor a counter-trend system but a combination of both. ForexSurvivor was created early in 2000 and after eighteen months of rigorous testing, ForexSurvivor Partners decided to start live trading, since the system was out-performing most of the existing FX benchmarks.

ForexSurvivor offers a Complete Solution to Successful Trading By

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